Sunday, August 23, 2020

Traveling around San Miguel - back streets, hillsides and more!

 Believe it or not, the above photo is within the boundaries of San Miguel.  It is a hillside across from the Hotel Atascadero.  On the other side of the hill is the Luciergana Mall and, as you can see the mountains in the background, one is an extinct volcano!

This precious little woman walks the streets of San Miguel selling whatever she happens to have in her rebozo.  No, I did not buy anything from her that day. If memory serves me correctly, she was selling shawls.

Walking UP Cuesta de San Jose one day, this was the sight as the man who sells dirt must have been in the tienda getting a snack. The burro with his bags of dirt on his back must have hoped that he too would get a snack!

In November, in years past the kindergarteners would parade through the streets of centro dressed as various revolutionaries such as Zapata and Porfirio Diaz and others in honor of November 20th. It is always intriguing to see the costumes that the parents provide for their little ones.  Creativity abounds.

Often, when there is a party at someone's home or there is a new business opening or whatever, mariachis are hired to serenade the attendees.  This event was at some friend's home.  Regal and loud and a great delight to hear mariachis.

This little lady strolls the streets selling flowers or whatever she has to sell.  If she looks familiar it is because she has starred in several movies made in San Miguel.  One was the movie with Antonio Banderas.  She usually has a joyful smile.  She is much loved.

It is not unusual to see someone on horseback or burro back.  This was a rainy day rider crossing the bridge near La Aurora, the center for art and all kinds of beautiful things to purchase.

 Here come the "beasts of burden" up the street that I lived on until two years ago.  They are carrying firewood on this trip.  Many Mexican families still cook with firewood especially if they don't have gas or electricity in their homes. 
A photo in centro looking down Zacateros street.  From this photo you can tell how dense the town is as one can walk from centro to the outskirts in about twenty to twenty five minutes.  I used to walk from my house on the hill to the outskirts in that length of time.  Back then I was a fast walker!  It is lovely to look out and see the mountains covered in green.  This photo probably was taken after the rainy season.

 Fresh flowers are available to purchase all over town.  I can tell from these it was close to Dia de los Muertos.  People take time to stop and visit and talk with each other.  What might start out as a ten minute walk somewhere, may take quite a bit of longer time, depending on how many friends one stops to talk with.
This is one of the fountains throughout town decorated in flowery finery again for Day of the Dead.
One of the joyful things to do is to walk from fountain to fountain at this time of the year to see all the decorations.  People are out strolling and greeting each other.  It is quite delightful and beautiful.

This photo always makes me grin.  It encapsulates the tranquility of San Miguel.  This dog was lying directly in the path of foot traffic in front of the benches so that people continuously were walking around him.  This is a common sight to see and one that always makes my heart happy!

These are just a few of my favorite photos.  Of course there are so many, but, recently while working on a project, I set these aside to share with you.

At the present time, life is of course centered at home, but, remembering these sights lends a sense of contentment that things like this will hopefully be available to see again in San Miguel some day.

Viva Mexico!


R. P. said...

Hola Amiga! Love this post today. The horses in the first picture are owned and cared for by our friend Ruben. Isn't it lovely that we get to be around such beautiful people. Thanks to them and thanks to you. Saludos, R & C

Croft said...

A person could make a full time job of photographing San Miguel's streets. Just the doors alone could fill a coffee table book! I miss SMA!

Babs said...

R.P. I only saw the horses there once and never again. That backroad is one of my favorite ways to drive up to the mall, especially when I still lived on the hill.
It was a surreal sight for me that day so I stopped the car, got out and took that one shot. Sure do miss my trusty Panasonic point and shoot digital camera. It never took a bad photo.

Croft. you need to head back this way when you are ready to travel. SMA is a special place and heaven for those who like to photograph. There is a man here right now from NYC workiing on photographing the doors for a book!

Let us know when you are heading this way!

Barbara Lane said...

Oh how I miss being out and about! However it warms my heart knowing all this and more is waiting for us when the day comes it's safe to venture forth.... thank you for this post - it was a treat to see all of this, even if on my laptop!

Babs said...

Barbara, yes, only the photos and my garden keep my spirits up! And, now, your lovely gift to me this morning REALLY lifted my spirits!

I've noticed that we only have 39 active cases in SMA now. A huge drop in the last couple of weeks of at least 20! Hopefully we can venture forth soon and also hopefully we can get together for lunch to catch up.

Take care.

Unknown said...
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postcards from san antonio said...

Babs - What a great series of photos evoking the spirit of San Miguel!

Babs said...

Hi Postcards! Glad you enjoyed seeing the photos.
Since I've been home for six months, having the photos
to see reminds me that I do STILL live in Mexico!

Looking forward to being able to get out again sometime
to travel around SMA and Mexico!

Thanks for taking time to write.

Contessa said...

Love all these special glimpses of SMA. Thanks for sharing some of your favourites. It is very difficult only having your garden to enjoy and not get out to see new things and views but you are doing the right thing. Eventually this will pass. Meanwhile us Canadians who drive down are getting concerned that the border will remain closed. Enjoy your paradise. I haven't
spent a winter here in over twenty years

Babs said...

Hi Contessa - I guess your border is still closed but no one I know from the USA has had any problem driving in and out of Mexico.

Of course you can always fly! I couldn't "do" cold winter weather anymore.
Good luck.........

Stay safe. Thanks for commenting.

Contessa said...

Even Canadians can fly from here to Mexico. We just can't drive and I agree it is only the Canadian/US border that is the hold up. Also any travel outside of Canada that is not essential is not allowed and so for those flying they are unable to purchase any medical or travel insurance. We will wait for the border to open. There is no way I will get into an airplane for a long while even if I have to purchase a winter wardrobe :)

Babs said...

Contessa, take care and I understand. I wouldn't get on a plane now or the foreseeable future. I have never purchases medical or travel insurance so
that would never have been something I would have thought of......

We WILL all survive this, hopefully.
Thanks for writing.

CopperQueenie said...

Thanks Babs for sharing your lovely pictures and insights into everyday life in San Miguel. You captured the charming details that make this destination so desirable. Drat this virus! I can't wait until it's safe to travel again.

Babs said...

Copper Queenie - This virus too will pass. Hopefully by this summer. I am having a bit of cabin fever today after not being out for over a month!

But then I read on Covid19SMA the number of active cases and deaths and say,
"There is nothing or anywhere I need to go. It's not worth dying for!"

I will stay home and work in the gardens. It will be up to 77F today.

Stay safe and stay home!