Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Walking down the Path of Life!

It is more like "stumbling" down the path of life!  The above photo was the path at the house on the hill.  The round stepping stones are the grandchildren's hand prints or foot prints made for me by the children and my daughter Julie many years ago.  Of course, I treasure them.

There has been some construction going on this property with the owners putting in a ground level cistern with a wall around it.  They removed a gorgeous stand of bamboo to accomplish their goal and now I'm trying to figure out how to camouflage another white wall!  The stepping stones used to be in front of the stand of bamboo but are now stacked up waiting for the coast to clear before I decide to relocate them someplace else.

As I mentioned in the last post, I offered three large oleanders to help hide the white wall.  One got planted two weeks ago but no one has returned to plant the other two or to put in grass where they dug holes.  I just try not to look that way, ha.

Invitations have started coming via email for birthdays and other activities.  The first arrival stopped me dead in my tracks.  I was touched that I would be thought of and invited but there are so many considerations now to going some place socially.  Things like, is everyone going to wear masks?  Is it going to be inside or out?  How many people are going to be there?  And, I'm probably not thinking of everything!  I did not want to offend the hostess but I needed an answer to the above before I would consider attending.  A quick email and a quick reply put my questions to rest.  This first event is not until July so hopefully by then, maybe, just maybe, the "peak" will have been reached in San Miguel. 

I have now left the house a couple of times, cautiously.  The first time was to have lunch with two friends at an outdoor restaurant in the country where we all knew there would not be any tables within twenty feet or so.

When we arrived they took our temperature, asked us to sign a register with name and phone number, use hand sanitizer and then seated us where we asked to sit.  Instead of the prior leather covered menus, now they are vinyl that can be easily cleaned before and after using.  The menu had been reduced significantly.  The owner said that after he sees how things are going he will add back to the menu some of our favorite items. 

It was a delightful two hours of dining and wearing our masks when not eating, along with sitting almost six feet apart at a large table.

Afterwards we drove through town and centro.  I had not seen or been anywhere.  All I had seen was photos and the webcam of empty streets.  Well, it was solemn and strange in the middle of the day to see very few people (most masked) and also few cars.  It was like the olden days.  Actually amazing and wonderful if it didn't mean the loss of income for so many. 

My second foray out was to get my hair cut!  It was so darn long that all I could do was wear it on top of my head.........Again, it was a unique and different experience.  Jose Marin met me at the parking lot where I park my car and walked me to the salon.  We were the only two people inside and we both had masks on the whole time.  Inside the door he had a box of water of some sort and wanted me to step in and out of it to enter.  I did, very carefully. Then we both used hand sanitizer. Even the woman who in the past has done the shampoos was not there!  So, Jose did everything.  I left, with less hair and felt comfortable that there had been no exposure to the virus.

Probably if you are out a lot, all of this becomes second nature.  I hope so. 

Baby steps in the next few weeks and then eventually getting out more are my goal.  We'll see if it happens. 

In the meantime, I am content to be home where somehow the days seem to zip by.  How can that be?

Today is Day 96!  WHAT is happening in your world?


Barbara Lane said...

I've not eaten out yet, but I do have a hair appointment with Ramon on Friday. I'll be his first client of the day - and the only one at that time. I am so looking forward to it! Then I'll walk a bit - just to enjoy being out. As to the world - I think it's gone to hell in a hand basket - particularly the U.S. Mercy. I'm so very glad I live in Mexico!

Babs said...

So great to hear from someone who has been staying home as well! I feel kinda weird as I hear of friends going hither and yon.

I agree. All that is going on in the US is tragic, sad and horrifying.

Take care. Enjoy your walk!

Dana Hill said...

In Oakland, we have not gone out since March 11 except for two forays around Lake Merritt in the car after we discovered (duh) that its battery had gone dead (twice) from lack of use. And then the past two Sundays we have driven to Berkeley Marina (about 5 miles) to exercise the car and have a nice walk while we were there to exercise our bodies. It's a place with very few people about and lovely views across the Bay to San Francisco. That's it! Sounds like you're getting out a tiny bit, but safely. Good to see people and "new" sights, isn't it?

Retired Teacher said...

I've been keeping busy working in the garden. My social life is limited to occasional chats with the neighbors at a safe distance and frequent sessions on Skype with friends and family in Ohio, Mexico and Switzerland. I go to the supermarket once a week, but otherwise I have been staying mostly at home.
Take care and stay safe!

Babs said...

Hi Dana. I know the Berkeley Marina. I stayed once with a couple who have a house in Alameda (not sure of the spelling) and we spent time at the Marina as they had a sailboat! Loved the aarea and the funkiness of Berkeley!. Glad you are getting out a bit as well. I guess we are all learning to find the things that give us pleasure and are still safe!

Babs said...

Hi Bill. I bet your garden is blooming and so beautiful with all the time and attention you have spent on it! I remember the hostas from past years. Something that, I think, only grows up north. They are lovely.

Take care. Any travel plans on the horizon?

Retired Teacher said...

I still have my flight reservations for August and for October, but I doubt very much that either trip will happen. I do not feel comfortable traveling on a plane. It's more than just the risk to myself; I fear bringing the virus to Alejandro's household where some of the family is very much at risk. Plus the numbers of cases keep climbing (even though they are undercounted). Things may not be too bad in San Miguel, but Mexico City is a whole different story.

Babs said...

Hi Bill. I too would be hesitant to get on a plane at this time. If I did, I would quarantine for 14 days as suggested before being near anyone. CDMX has had a major issue with COVID. A dear friend of ours who has a house there and one here has come here because we have had few cases and only 3 deaths so far. Everyone here is wearing masks and very little has reopened. Hotels and B&Bs etc are scheduled to open in August, but who knows. What a mess! Thinking of you......and Alejandro! Hugs

Phil said...

I fell and fractured the two bones in my lower right leg the day after Christmas. So it has been a slow recovery. Two months with a cast, then a "boot." Since March I have been doing physical therapy twice a week. We have our temperatures checked, and must wear masks. But it does get me out of the house twice a week without guilt, for which I am grateful. I've finally got to the point where I can drive my car, although I am still using a walker. I have managed to get out for breakfast about 4 times, which is nice. Most restaurants have removed about 1/2 of their tables. In 3 weeks I'll be 92, so don't get out much anyway. No crowds, no dinners. Oh, I did get my hair cut once in May.

Babs said...

Hi Phil! Wow, you have been through a heck of a time since Christmas! I'm impressed with your persistence to heal and be able to get around. PT is the such a help. This is a stressful time and having been injured just added to the whole level of concern, I'm sure.
You have been out more then I! I'm glad you have been able to do so. What part of the country, USA? or Mexico? do you live in?
Take care and thanks for commenting.

Phil said...

Sedona, AZ

Babs said...

Ahh, Phil, Sedona is a magnificent place to live. Enjoy!

Scott said...

Here in Fort Worth/Tarrant County we are about to hit 10,000 cases and over 200 deaths. The number has been rising rapidly since "reopening" started in May and more so since Memorial Day. The mayor here finally signed an order requiring masks when out in public and in restaurants/bars. I go get groceries and now and then get food to-go to help restaurants survive. Other than that I'm staying at home and it now looks like it is going to continue for a much longer period. Young people are resisting wearing masks and what to go back to a normal routine. Understandable desire, but it doesn't help.

Babs said...

Hi Scott - I watch with sadness and concern as Texas goes bonkers......truly. I have pulled in my wings as we now have 77 cases and 5 deaths meaning we are still having community transmission but nothing like what is happening your neck of the woods!

I AM shocked at photos of people without masks in groups. Some are even my own family in various parts of the USA. I read that the USA is the only country that has "politicized" mask wearing..........the only country.

I'm so glad you are being cautious and staying home! I do believe unfortunately, that is part of the "new" normal. I have heard from several friends in the USA whose offices are saying in the future they will continue to "work from home". I also read
that the commercial real estate market will be in major decline for many years to come.
I think, concerning the young people, that at the very beginning of this they said the only people who had to be concerned were those over 60. BUT, I have a friend's
won who is in his mid-50's who has been on a ventilator for almost a month in Houston after going out with a friend who was "asymptomatic" Yikes.......

There needs to be more direct information in ads or something to get the attention of the young people and everyone about the dangers. It seems in the USA people are
tuning out.

I did drive around San Miguel yesterday, with my mask on (ha) and only saw one person in my twenty minute drive who did not have a mask on. He was a young man whizzing by on his bike! There is a fine here if you don't wear a mask!!!

Take care and keep writing. Love hearing what's going on up there. BTW, my brother and sister-in-law just left Houston and moved to Ft. Worth to be near my niece, her husband and their two grandchildren. BIG move as they had been in their house in Houston for 45 years! They say the lack of humidity is wonderful compared to Houston!