Tuesday, May 19, 2020

An Endurance Test

Don't laugh.  I give up!  I have tried for days to figure out how the changes that Adobe Photoshop have made prevent me from enlarging this photo. Jennifer is left, me in the middle and Jewels to the right.  Maybe it was Mother's Day.

It's a photo that I found recently attached to something else!  It is one of the few photos of my two daughters and I together!  It was taken in the 80's at Applebee's where Julie worked on the weekends while going to college in Nacogdoches at Stephen F. Austin.  Yes, she would drive all the way home because the tips were good, food at home was good, and she got to see her friends.  Jennifer lived in Houston at the time and we tried to get together as often as possible. Heaven only knows where John was at that time!

I want to have this photo restored, enlarged and framed.  It reminds me of good times!  You see, today is the 16th anniversary of Jennifer's passing.  Not a day goes by that something or someone reminds me of a memory that makes me smile or chokes me up.  Rainbows, butterflies are very significant for all of us in the family.

Going through the Covid 19 thing reminds me of the five and a half years that my whole family lived "one day at a time".  Both to care for Jennifer but also to take care of Christopher her son who is now 21!  He was born at seven months after the diagnosis and Jen starting chemo the next day.  It was a time that things could change minute by minute not only just day by day.

Jennifer's passing was a benchmark for me.  Nothing could ever be worse.  Therefore, I wish none of us were going through the staying home, worrying about getting sick or the financial aspect of this virus, but seriously, things could be much worse.

Life IS an endurance test.  The good and the bad.  Luckily the Universe doesn't let us foresee the future or, in some cases, we would give up.  I choose to enjoy the day and let tomorrow take care
of itself.  Pollyanna, no.  Just my method of coping.

As I sit and write this, I can look out the window at the gazillions of hummingbirds and butterflies in the flamboyant tree and be grateful for that beauty.

Hopefully you too can find something to be grateful for as well.  Think of ya'll often!



La Tejedora said...

I think Barry Weiss can do this for you. Do you have a printed copy or just the digital?
You may know that he does photo restoration. FABULOUS PICTURE! Love beyond measure, Nora

Steve Cotton said...

Thank you very much for guiding us to a better perspective.

Barbara Lane said...

What a gorgeous photo of each one of you! Oh yes, you must frame this one! Wow.

Yes, things can and have been worse. We sometimes forget that in moments of frustration, but you're absolutely right.

Thank you for another lovely post.

Cynthia Blanton said...

What beautiful women! I'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter.

If the photo is a print, you can have it scanned at the highest resolution and then enlarge it in Photoshop. If one of the professional photographers in town can't help, I have an excellent flat bed scanner and would be happy to help. I'm in SMA.

Contessa said...

I love how you cope. My husband is a professional photographer and this is what he does. HE says that the best thing you can do is have a professional photographer photograph the original and then it can be photoshoped from the digital.

R. P. said...

Through the eyes of one of our favorite people! Color, nature, humanity, and love. Gracias, Nuestro Amiga!
C & R

Babs said...

Thanks all for your positive and upbeat plus helpful comments!

I have had the photo with a paperclip waiting to talk to Barry Weiss
when we are able to get out again in June!

I truly don't remember why this photo was such a small print!

But, I do love it.

Ironically our electricity went off yesterday afternoon and didn't
come back on until a few minutes ago. Another reminder that we
absolutely think we have control of our lives, but, in reality we

It was a funny, very dark night that brought back many memories of
past times of no electricity. I think I will regale you with those
stories soon.........

Thanks Cynthia for your kind offer!

CopperQueenie said...

This post broke my heart. No parent should have to see a child pass before them. There isn't even a word for that. We have orphans and widows, but nothing for a parent who has lost a child like the thought is too awful to contemplate. I send you lots of love and wishes for many rainbows and hummingbirds in your life.

Babs said...

It has been sixteen years and it is still hard for me to talk about........I certainly learned what PTSD is and could barely leave the house for two years!

My heart goes out to all the veterans who have suffered for years and years with that horrible affliction.

Having this year at home right now in some strange way has been mentally beneficial. I haven't had PTSD since 2006 but I learned what would trigger it and avoid those things now.

Thanks for taking time to comment. Look forward to meeting you when the virus is contained........