Saturday, February 29, 2020

REEL DOCS - An experience not to be missed in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

For someone like me who doesn't even go to the movie theater to see movies, it was quite an interesting experience to head to the Bibliotecha two weeks ago to see RAISE HELL.

At the time, it could only be seen through Reel Docs which is a group who present diverse documentaries concerning people and places from around the world. 

What a delightful experience it was to sit in the theater and be surrounded by people who were laughing and giggling and thoroughly enjoying a documentary about Molly and politics!  Indeed.

Both showings were sold out so the producers granted permission for it to be shown a third time - on March 17th at 2PM.  Get thee online or go to the ticket office at the Bibliotecha, quickly and get a
ticket.  WHAT FUN it was to see Molly as only Molly could be.  Witty, precise, and a great journalist who took no guff from anyone.  She was and is much loved and missed.

Since that was so enjoyable, tickets were purchased online to see Moving, which was about dance.
That was just about all I knew at the time.

It was so much more then dance!  It was about a group from New York who send out  one person to a country where a NGO has requested that they come in connection with  the US State Department to work with marginalized kids.  It was emotional, eye opening, touching, beautiful and sad all at the same time.  You could hear sniffles in the audience.  Me being one of them. 

The segment that really struck me was a group in South Korea along with refugees from North Korea and China who had successfully escaped.  Some of the footage was shocking, especially about North Korea.  It was on my mind for days after seeing it. 

Up coming is Renegade Dreamers about musicians in the 1950's and 1960's.  Then there is Incarcerated Rhythm about a dance group in a men's prison.  Both sound intriguing.

These documentaries are all award winners.  The other interesting fact is that no documentaries are shown unless the producers agree to come to San Miguel for the screening to discuss their process and the film.  They speak after the film and then have a brief question and answer session.

Of course, since this is Mexico, margaritas and/or lemonade are offered gratis at the conclusion of the filmings.  Viva Mexico!

For further information, please go to where you can read much more about the beginning of this group and more information as well about each presentation this season. New this year, is that you can order tickets online which is a wonderful service.

All proceeds from these films goes back to the Bibliotecha for all the programs for the Mexican children and residents of San Miguel! 

Oh, and by the way, I received word yesterday that if you have Amazon Prime, which I don't, you can see the above two documentaries on their site on your TV.  I sure want to see both of them again!

Thanks to Jennifer Posner and Caren Cross who as visionaries started this program. With Caren's passing, Jennifer has carried on  to improve upon it year after year after year.

Remember  See you there.


Babs said...

Oops, readers, I goofed. In my enthusiasm for the culinary genius of Chef Gaby, I said she is managing the restaurant at the Bibliotecha. Well, I am wrong. What she did was donate her time and expertise to upgrade the menu and also work with ingredients and prep work. It showed when I had a delicious lunch on Wednesday. I will go back to try some of the new items on the menu.

Hope you do as well. The Bibliotecha is an amazing resource for the community of San Miguel and has been around since the mid 1950's!

Axixic Senorita said...

Thank you for these suggestions. I just checked and as you said the first two are available on Amazon-FREE with the Prime membership. Looking forward to viewing both! Thanks again.

Babs said...

Great news Perry! Enjoy them both.........I wish I had Amazon Prime. I will talk to my computer guy to find out how to get it. I hear that Hulu is good too. Oh my, so many choices! I do have Netflix and can't seem to find the time to see all the things that I wish to see.

Axixic Senorita said...

Yearly or monthly Amazon Prime memberships are available from Amazon. Some benefits are unlimited two-day deliveries, free music, and free videos like the ones you described. Thanks again for those suggestions.