Wednesday, February 19, 2020

AND a Twelfth Birthday! Happy Birthday Mati............

Indeed, that little Gypsy kid you used to read about when she was a baby is now becoming a young lady.  A very accomplished one at that! 

                                                    Mati in Fort Collins, Colorado

Matilda is accomplished as a highwire trapeze person and also using the ribbons for all kinds of
aerial activities.  In addition to that, back on the ground, she is taking dressage lessons while loving
each and every animal that she comes into contact with these days. 

From horses to cats to anything or anyone who needs a helping hand, she has a BIG heart!  As you
can tell I'm so proud of the person she has become and will continue to be.

Ahh the photos preserve the memories.  This is one of our many Easter egg hunts, early on.

                                                Loving to dress up in Grammy's stuff! 

                                          Always having fun with her Daddy and brother Seb!

                                           So, so glad they have each other to grow up with!

Such a precious gift to have the ability now that I'm no longer working to witness their growing up.

                                           ALWAYS something to do with their Dad!

                                A fun time on Mati's birthday five years ago at Pollo Feliz!


                                    Growing up and getting her hair trimmed at Jose Marin's

      And, then it seemed they started to change and to be, not little ones, but little people.  Oh my!        This was Christmas cookie baking time.

                                                 Riding at the ranch in Estado de Mexico.

                                                         And at the dressage center!

                                                  Mati and Seb dressed up for Halloween.

                                                   The joy of this sweet granddaughter is
                                                   immeasureable.  Happy Birthday Mati!


Barbara Lane said...

So, so beautiful! And what precious, priceless photos! Thank you for sharing, and wishing Mati the BEST birthday ever!

Babs said...

Thanks Barbara! I will pass your wishes on to Mati tonight when
we have a birthday celebration.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Happy birthday Matti!

Steve Cotton said...

Please pass nine along, as well. I am not certain she would remember me.

Babs said...

Steve and Peter, Mati knows about the blog and will be checking it for messages! Thanks for taking time to wish HB to her!

Contessa said...

What a sweet your lady. Happy Birthday and many many more.

Contessa said...

Oops Sweet young lady....

Babs said...

Contessa, thanks for your sweet birthday wish for Matilda.
She is seeing all the messages and surprised at the idea of
readers knowing about her birthday.