Sunday, January 19, 2020

Whiplash Politics

These innocent faces on the wall pots from a village in Michoacan are preferable to the hostile faces of the politicians these days.

It seems I get up each day with a bit of dread waiting to see if we are going to war somewhere or to hearing more information about illegal acts of this administration.

It is with dread that I remember my feelings during the Nixon fiasco and wondered what the ultimate end would be back then.  Those same feelings manifest now!

Yearning for days of quietude again such as we had for eight years recently is my hope.  Days when good things were done for people and there was hope for movement forward, not movement to punish and ignore or hurt people, our country, our climate and our national parks.

This too will end, hopefully, but what will be the repercussions?

Whiplash is an understatement.


alcuban said...

Barbara, I feel your pain, along with tens of millions of other Americans. I have tried to disconnect from it all. Being at the beach for the past ten days have helped me do that, and so has reading novels. Have you read Where the Crawdads Sing? Great book.

Retired Teacher said...

I know how you feel, Barbara. Now matter what I do, there is this constant, nagging sense of dread in the back of my mind.
By the way, I read "Where the Crawdads Sing" also, and it is excellent. At the moment I am reading "Cooking for Picasso", and it is shaping up to be another really good novel.

Babs said...

Bill and Al, interesting that you both have just read "Where the Crawdads Sing?" One of my most favorite books of 2019. In fact, since it is on my Kindle, I think I will read it again. Delia Owens is going to be a guest and speaker at the Literary Festival here in SMA in February but the tickets sold out immediately. Bill, I have not heard of Cooking for Picasso, I'll have to check that out. I just finished Theroux's book Plain of Snakes. Good and bad........and some of it interesting. Actually I stopped 75% through the book, but then after a week or two decided to finish it. Something I almost never do!

As far as politics go, I know everyone I know must be as exhausted as we are at the lack of organization or acknowledgement of the laws etc etc etc today in politics. I hope we, as a country, survive this onslaught.

Al, wish I was at the beach with ya'll. IF I had known, I would have begged for a ride, ha.

If ya'll have any other books to suggest, please pass them on. I'm reading a lot more now and watching Netflix primarily.

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

Retired Teacher said...

Since you asked for book recommendations...
I don't know if these would be to your taste, I have been reading some of Gregory Maguire's books. He does his own fractured versions of fairy tales and children's stories. He is best known for "Wicked" which was the basis for the musical. I also have read "Mirror, Mirror". The Snow White story is set in Renaissance Italy, and Lucrecia Borgia is the one who poisons the apple. "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" is the Cinderella story set in 17th century Holland, and the ugly stepsister is a far nicer person than Cinderella character.

Michael Dickson said...
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Michael Dickson said...
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Babs said...

Thanks Bill for the book suggestions! I'll check them out!

norm said...

There are important issues that I care about, abortion, guns, tax policy, entitlements and should we go on being the world's policeman. What affect can I have on any of them? I'm unwilling to get more involved with the process short of voting and sending a little cash to politicians who might matchup with my way of thinking. That's the extent of my involvement in politics-nothing. So to extend-I worry about none of it. I read the national and local papers everyday but it is little more than watching a trainwreck. I mean: What can you do? It's a trainwreck, who can stop a trainwreck? I'm spending a lot more time in the woods these days, going to places I played in as a youth. Worry? As little as possible.

Babs said...

Great comment Norm. Glad to hear you are spending more time doing whatever
brings you pleasure! You are so right that there is only so much we can do
until it is time for us to vote.

Yes, it is hard to believe the "trainwreck" but hopefully it will end in
November and we can get back on track with programs and laws that are good
for everyone, especially those who need help.

dinhdiepphuongtrinh said...
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