Sunday, September 29, 2019

When the "Light" is Good!

It's been a while, almost a month, since my last post!  Time flies........ It hasn't been for any reason other then I have been busy with this and that.  What?  Heck a lot of "that" is just daily stuff that
no one really wants to hear about.

But, the "this" things were deciding to organize all the stuff that was put into the storage shelves
behind the curtain in the bedroom.  When I moved in, I just wanted to get everything out of boxes
and things were not that well organized initially.  But, this time, I definitely went through each and
everything.  The "Tidying Up" lady from Netflix would be impressed.  Quite a few things got thrown away or given away too.  I think I have less now then ever before.  Believe it or not, it is a GOOD feeling.
Working in the garden was something else that gives me great pleasure.  Friday afternoon the gardener came to turn the sprinklers on.  It was about 5:30, his usual time to arrive.  But the LIGHT, oh the light was incredible.  Quickly I grabbed the camera, stepped out the front door and took a few photos of the water backlit by the sun.  Those yellow balls are not tennis balls lying on the grass!  They are lemons.  The tree limbs are bending over filled with lemons.
I have really enjoyed having grass at this house!  It has been since the mid 90's that I lived somewhere where there was grass.  That was a long time ago.  It has a calming and soothing effect.
Light sure makes a difference in photography.  I remember once being at Edward James' sculpture gardens, Las Pozas and photographing the huge waterfall there.  When I saw the photo it was astonishing.  At the time I did not realize how perfect the light was since I am just a "point and shoot" photographer with a tiny little camera. It is still one of my favorite photos.

One last photo to share with you is the little boy keeping watch over the garden along with blooming geraniums and lavender surrounding him.  That little boy has been with me close to thirty years and in whatever garden I had throughout those years.  He lived for a while at my daughter Jennifer's house too, when Christopher was born, but subsequently came back with me in 2004. 
It is possible I'll be doing some traveling toward the end of October.  Plans haven't been finalized as yet.  Other then that, I have sewing to do; books to read; recipes to try; art assemblages to work on and more friends to meet for lunch.  Life could not be more perfect.


Barbara Lane said...

"Life could not be more perfect." Indeed! Viva!!

R. P. said...

I always wait in anticipation for your next blog post.

Babs said...

Two of my favorite people commented. How lovely. Thanks

Peter and Shelagh said...

I loved getting fresh lemons in the mornings at your last home. It is such a fond memory for me. Cheers, and hello to the gang. Shelagh

Babs said...

Peter and Shelagh, what a nice memory! Here I have lemons and peaches galore. However, the birds got the peaches and I'm getting the lemons! ha.

Come back for a visit some time. We would ALL love to see you!

Think of you often!