Monday, May 13, 2019

A "reverent" culture

This past week a relatively new resident of San Miguel used this term in something he said on Facebook.  It was beautifully written and he said he thought the "reverent" culture of Mexico
and San Miguel had lead him to think about something more then usual.

Those two words have stuck with me for all these days.  To me, it was the supreme compliment to the peoples of Mexico and San Miguel that a newcomer "got it".

However, when I thought about writing a blog about these two words that are somewhat intangible, how do I do that?  At first I thought of all the amazing sights I have seen in the last forty five years in this "reverent culture".  The touching gentleness.  The artisanship of the people. Their love for their family, their history, and their culture. 

I thought about all the kindnesses bestowed on me that were never expected.  Often by complete strangers who saw my need and came to the rescue instantly.  For me, it happens almost weekly!

I thought about all the sights I've seen in the past when living up on the hill engulfed in the Mexican daily life of people scrounging for firewood, or building a stone wall or walking their children to and from school each and every day.

Then, I thought of the thousands of photos that could help to show this "reverent" culture.  Here are just a few.  It is so so true in words and deeds on a daily basis, that I witness big and small, the reverent culture of Mexico.  I am honored!

   The honoring of saint's days, holidays and holy days with altars decorated with flowers.
  Again, a participation in a cultural event and exposing the children to these things at an early age       so  they carry the traditions forward.
              If I don't see at least one of these women each time I'm in that neighborhood, I wonder if something is not right that day.  A beautiful sight, each and every time.
  I don't know if this dog still lays in the middle of the sidewalk in the jardin.  He used to and as I sat on the bench watching the locals and tourists coming and going, I never saw someone disturb the dog.  They either walked around him or reached down and petted him before stepping over him.  This could go on for hours.  A sign of the gentleness of these people.
Another lovely sight right in the town of San Miguel that just, to me, shows the horizons and energy of all that is right with this culture.

Does any of this make sense?  I hope so because a "reverent culture" is hard to find in this World today.  I and many other people are lucky to be surrounded by it.  

Viva Mexico!


sylvia said...

Hello !
I have been following you for some time! We visited SMA almost 5 years ago and are planning a return trip with frinends! I am seeing quite a few places to stay in the Col. Guadaña are and San Antionio area. Can you recommend one over the other or any other suggestions would be great! We want to stay walking distance to centro . Last time we stayed in the Bella's area and felt isolated.... it was quiet but too far to walk! Thank you! Sylvia

Steve Cotton said...

"Reverent culture" is an interesting term when applied to Mexico. It would be interesting to read the context in which he used it. "Reverent" would certainly not be the first word I reached for when describing Mexico -- or, at least, the portion of Mexico in which I live.

There are, of course, so many Mexicos that overarching terms often become problematic. None of that is a criticism of Mexican culture: I would simply be interested in how he applied his interesting choice of words.

(This sounds like one of those after dinner discussions when the butler is pouring the port for the guests.)

Babs said...

The reason the term "reverent culture" stayed with me is because that is what I think all the time and what I see but had not put into words.

I'm sorry where you live that you do not experience that.

The context was that this man was reminiscing about his mother and another family member who had passed away. He said he usually isn't so impacted by Mother's day and these memories but he felt that the "reverent culture" that is all around him here in Mexico had contributed to these feelings. Spot on!

Here is what a man who reads the blog said in an email this morning:

"The people of Mexico live the "Serenity Prayer" and live the mantra to "love and pay attention". You are surrounded by reverence." Wow, again, he gets it as well.

I'm so happy that I live in that reverence. I experience almost every time I leave my house!

Babs said...

Sylvia - Thanks for your comment. I'm happy you enjoy the blog. I would think if you are coming with friends that ya'll need to go to VRBO if you wish to rent a house or AirBnB if you want something less expensive. If neither of those you can look for B&B's or hotels right in centro. They are EVERYWHERE!

I never recommend accommodations as that is a very personal matter as it relates to cost, location and just about everything else. Taxis are readily available so that is not an issue if you do not want to walk. You just call one and they are at your door in about 10 minutes!

I'm not familiar with an area called "Bellas" so I don't know where you were. Summer is a great time to be here when the rains come in the evenings and everything is cool and beautiful. Buen suerte.

sylvia said...

Thank you for your response! Yes I am looking on arbnb and there are a lot! How far is San Antonio area? We like walking but would also like to be close to restaurants ! Thanks for your input! We will be there i early September!