Saturday, December 15, 2018

Live Long, Wander Far and Wonder Always

This phrase has always captured my imagination and also reminded me of what an amazing time I've had over "mumblesomething" years.

I've certainly maintained the first two words.  Unbelievable.

Wandering far, as an intrepid traveler, was my modus operandi for about forty years.

Lately, since I am settled in the new casa without a huge "to do" list, there has been
time to reflect on the trips to the Netherlands.  The time I rented a car and attempted
to drive to Bruge, without success.  And, of course Paris, twice, because I loved and still
love it so much.

Most of my travel, however, has been in the BIG country of Mexico, Guatemala and of course
the USA.  Road trips mostly.  Something I've always loved to do - like the drive from Vancouver
to San Miguel - six days, whew.  Or the time I decided to drive to Colorado on the back roads only.
Who knew Texas grew that much cotton?  Who knew that most of the farmers who ate in the little
diners on the roads wore honest to goodness overalls?  And who knew what "All vehicles downshift?" meant when I was somewhere east of Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Those are the fun parts,
for me, of travel. Seeing unexpected things and experiencing them.

Of course in Mexico, for me anyway, when I'm on the road, it seems I am always seeing unexpected things.  Sheep who have gotten loose; kids selling twig reindeer on the side of the road; all the new wineries being developed in the San Miguel area; and, of course, the beautiful mountains and valleys of this area.  Driving to the border, I enjoy seeing the men with scythe like tools getting crickets and grasshoppers to ship to Oaxaca for all their "bug" dishes.  Once in a while you will see an old fashioned wooden wagon with a farmer and his wife coming down a dirt road or the farmer out in the field with an oxen to plow.  Awesome sights.

"Wondering Always" has become, recently, my method of life.  Now that I am sticking closer to home because of my challenge of walking, it has given me time to go back to some of the things I have always loved to do "when I had time".  Reading of course, sewing, working on gifts and projects like organizing photo files.  Oh, and cooking or having friends over!

I've discovered that I do not have to slave over the stove in order to have those friends over, but in fact, can contact the many people who make delicious food that is perfect for small groups or whatever.  That was the case recently when I had three delightful, long time friends over for lunch.

One doe not have to wander far in San Miguel to meet interesting and unique people.  Take these three women.  I've known Angie the longest.  She is the woman to the far left.  We met on the bench when I first came here. I came from Houston, but Angie came from Haiti where she lived for about twenty years until it got too dangerous and she came to SMA!  Angie is very low-key and it was years before I knew that she was an accomplished and published artist who had a book of her work of the architecture of Haiti!  That, among other things I've learned over the last eighteen years about this dear friend makes her one of the most unique people that I have ever met.

Then there is Jennifer.  I'm not sure where she came from when she moved to SMA, because I met her when she owned The Bagel Cafe.  Then I found out she had lived in Mongolia!  She was Country Director for Mercy Corp for several years.  A friendship began and has grown.  Since our meeting, she sold the restaurant to her employees, formed a consulting firm and is off to many countries that I have, in some instances, need to learn more about.  She also worked in South Korea for a while.  What an intrepid traveler this woman is......

Last, but surely not least, is Shannon, an internationally acclaimed photographer who is very low key as well.  Shannon and I did a road trip to Texas when she was having an exhibit at a museum in San Antonio.  That trip in itself is something I could write several posts about.  Maybe later!  The friendship was sealed on that trip, for sure.  Now, not only does Shannon continue with her unique photography but she also has an Estate Sale company here in SMA.

All this shows that I can stay "close to home" and still have a delightful, fascinating life with people here in San Miguel.

Life does seem to change all the time, but that is a good thing, most of the time!  Onward........


crynoutloud said...

So warm and fuzzy on a frio noche en Ajijic mehico.
Gracias Babs.

Babs said...

Mucho frio noche aqui. 30F this morning outside - 61F inside. Oy vey - I think it is BEACH time.....

Thanks for commenting!

Bill in Austin said...

So nice to see your post. I think I've been going through Bab's withdrawal. Can't wait to see how your new Casa goes through your transformation. I love seeing how you decorate with the wonderful Mexican tiles and textiles, etc. It's that time of year when some of our Mexican friends in Austin head down that way to celebrate Christmas with their families. I always like hearing their stories of the simpler life and family get togethers they have over the holidays.

Have a Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing your progress and how you got there in 2019!

Babs said...

Buenos dias Bill - What a lovely message to receive on this BRRRRRR cold morning here in SMA.
I think I'm back writing. Have lots of subjects. Just need to get my head back on straight.....
This house is so different then the previous one and if you notice, there is not much "Mexican" emphasis in tiles or textiles, but in accessories. I sold so much, maybe too much..ha.
In fact I sold too many of my talavera plates and am down to just a few. Need to replenish over in Delores. I AM loving the new house and gardens.
It is AMAZING how many people have homes here from Austin. Just last night I was lying in bed thinking of all my friends who live in Austin or nearby in Dripping Springs and Wimberley! Bud and Karen Royer do NOT have a home here but are dear friends.....Donnis, is in Austin and comes down for part of the year. Nancy and another friend Linda have homes in Dripping Springs! Another friend Laura has a home in Wimberley and here. Love all their energies. In fact, I have a granddaughter in Austin too! GREAT place.
LIFE is simpler here and Christmas is NOT about gifts, but the Nativity....A blessed Feliz Navidad to you.

Unknown said...

I so enjoy your blog and appreciate all you share with us. It seems the new casa is the next chapter in your life and I can't wait to read all about it. Feliz Navidad🎄