Monday, November 19, 2018

The "Promised" Photos

It has been absolutely astonishing to me how many people have come up and commented about the fact that I have moved recently to a new home.  It leaves me speechless for a moment or two, until I
think to exclaim about how happy I am.  I truly am!

Finally, after patiently waiting for a new cable to arrive that connects my camera to the computer, it
is now possible to share the reason of my happiness.

Several of you have asked to see photos and when are photos coming, so here we go.

 The house and rooms feel larger then they are because of the twelve foot ceilings and the amount of windows and doors.  IF I did not have furniture in front of the windows/doors, the whole front of the house could be opened to the front porch.  Way cool.  Instead there are screened windows that can be
opened for air and breezes........and to let the warm air in on cold days.  Yes, we have already had a few of those last week.  Lows of 30F! first thing in the morning.  Brrr.

Above is the dining area which is immediately to the right of the front door.
 This little table with decorative items is to the immediate left of the door.  It is a convenient place to put keys, gate opener and my sunglasses.  The table itself can serve double duty if needed for serving or whatever.  I purchased this sooooooooooo long ago at Wreck Hill near Round Top, Texas.  Still love it and it has always served a useful purpose. 
 More big windows in the kitchen area.  The counter surface has a unique shape.  Sebastian, my grandson says it is a great place for playing cards!  Notice I have REAL cabinets and drawers.  An experience I have not had since moving to Mexico.  I had open shelving in the other house. 
 For those of you who have read the blog for a long time and commiserated with me over the fact that I had no stove with an oven - just a six burner cooktop and a counter top toaster oven, NOW I have two ovens - the one in the stove and I kept the toaster oven for small casseroles or whatever.  One of the great things, it seems to me, is the fact that there is a giant sky light above the cabinetry which adds sunshine and warmth daily.  Yes, the kitchen is a delight.
 Another piece of furniture that serves many functions.  Storage, a desk and of course, a sweet piece.  It was purchased here in San Miguel from the people who lived in this house previously, long before I even knew I was moving here!  The karma of this move is a story in and of itself.
This is a photo of the seating area in the large open living/dining and kitchen area.  If some of you "sharp eyed" people notice the grey sideboard, it, in the previous house was pine.  I had it stripped and painted grey.  The same color as the grey fabric pillows.  It gives it a new twist.

 The bedroom, off to itself and entered through double doors with frosted glass windows is sizeable.
Because of that, I was able to create three different areas.  The shelving behind my bed was at the other house and my "handy dandy" painter took it in his pickup truck and painted it the same color as the walls.  Using the vertical space, with the twelve foot high ceilings makes it feel cozy.

And, all designers know that tables with cloths can hide a multitude of things.  The table to the right of the bed has the grandchildren's toy box underneath it!  All they have to do, is pull it out when they are here!  Plenty of play room.
 This is a view of the closets and the view into the living area.  Lots of good seating in the bedroom with many views out the big palladium windows.

It was fun to take some furniture that was in the guest house and the furniture in my house to combine and use in different ways.  The old antique bamboo desk is now a table to use for makeup or writing letters or whatever.  I have had that piece of furniture since the late 1960's.  Still love it.

 Then the last area is where my computer is located along with a dresser with clothes.  Behind the curtained area, which goes the entire length of the room, and is four feet deep is storage for all kinds of things.  Crafts, art projects, sewing, decorations and the stereo as well as a mounted TV screen in that corner. 
 As if the inside is not wonderful enough, here is the porch right outside the front door.  It is a joy to spend time out here reading, eating, listening to music or working on the plants.  I've done quite a bit
of that and do have some plans for the flower beds that are here with no flowers in them.  One will be a rose garden with the bird bath in it.  Another will just be all kinds of flowers.........Yes, a dear friend said I would love working in the gardens but at the time I doubted it.  Now I know that she knew me better then I know myself!
 This view is looking from where you step up to go to the front door down at the end.  I've positioned a little round table there with three chairs.  Several times I have eaten out there.  The window in the far right of this photo is the window that looks into and out of the bedroom area.
 Looking out are glorious trees.  The Norfolk pine has to be at least 80 ft high, a huge flame tree and a giant palm.  Add to that a lemon tree and a peach tree along with a bourganvilla that reaches to the top of the wall with fuscia blooms.
The previous owners had these planter boxes made.  I'm so glad that there was an opportunity to buy them and leave them right where they had intended for them to be and where I enjoy them all the time.

 This little building houses an outdoor bano for when one is entertaining or the kids are out playing or whatever.  Very clever, I think.   Then there is another building that houses the laundry facilities. A washer and dryer.  That is the building in this next photo. 
You can see a bit of the Norfolk pine and the flame tree.  Right past that is a paved area to park
the car.  I also have many plants out there.  

Another factor that adds to the enjoyment of this house is the fact that only to the right of this house is there another dwelling.  I get views of the sunset and the sky from several windows.  Something that I enjoy immensely.

It's a new season.  No stairs is huge.  I'm happy to report that I absolutely have no more pain in my back or knees.  All this has happened in less two months.  A true gift.

Yes, I'm still walking with a cane because I am still having balance issues, but I am working on that!

There are other things that I want to share, but I'll save that for other posts.  Now, you, my family and my friends can see where I live.  It was the RIGHT move in more ways then one.

By the way, if you are reading this and live in Los Frailes, please let me know.  I would love to get together with you now that I'm on this side of town.  If you cannot figure out how to comment, my email address is



Joan said...

This is stunning! Very blessed...

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

What a comfy place! Nice to see that some of your things made it to the new casa. The upholstery on the outdoor chairs looks great! And you can now do laundry at home! Did Josefina follow you there? We wish you much happiness in Los Frailles.

Barbara Lane said...

Way cool is exactly right!! I'm so happy for you! What a gorgeous place! Though I knew any place you touch and call home would be! Lovely, absolutely lovely! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving - we truly have so much to be thankful for. I know you know.

Retired Teacher said...

It looks great, Barbara! I´m glad you´re happy with your new place, and I think you made a wise move.

marilyn said...

What a beautiful home you've created. Yes, the house has great bones, but, you've enhanced it by placing your beloved, special things so well. I absolutely love, the chair, with upholstery that looks kind of leopard print, with lovely, curved, honey colored wood. And the lawn - not a common sight in SMA, I see with grandkids running around. enjoy! enjoy! enjoy! ¡felicidades! Lena

alcuban said...

Downright baronial! But you being left "speechless"? I don't believe that. LOL. Let us know when you plan the garden party for 200 of your closest friends.

Jvineyard said...

What a lovely, peaceful, cozy home. You do know how to shape space. Enjoy.

La Tejedora said...

So thrilled for you, Barbara❣ You have made this lovely place even more beautiful, comfortable and functional. Nora

R. P. said...

Lovely. From the hill to the green. You have an outstanding eye. Enjoy every moment in your new digs. Saludos, Robert & Colleen

Contessa said...

Simply lovely. So glad that your pain is gone. Stairs are difficult.

Cheri said...

I can see why you are so happy with this new home and garden! The absence of stairs is a huge plus, and the spacious elegance of your décor shouts your touch! Thanks for the photos and descriptions.

Babs said...

Thanks everyone for your generous compliments and thoughtful comments. Mi casa es su casa whenever you come to San Miguel.

As all of you have said, the absence of stairs and the constant apprehension as I carefully went up and down is over. It has made a bigger difference then I could have imagined.

Also, the expanse of green grass is so soothing. Green is such a soothing color. Peter, yes Josefina is here two days a week but in the beginning it was every day until we had unloaded every box. I could not have done it without her. She will always be in my life.
Yes, Barbara Lane, WE do know. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I love your house as well.......and so happy that you are there.
Ah, Lena, that is a Beidermeier loveseat that I have had soooooo long. It is one of my favorite pieces in my house. It has been recovered many times but this suede animal print is my favorite!
Al, probably not that many in THIS lifetime. I leave knowing 200 people to others..Yes, I know 200 but I'm not about to have a party for that many. The last time I had 55 for dinner was my 65th birthday. I was beyond exhausted when that was over. Another lesson learned, ha.
Thanks everyone. Hope to see all of you in 2019.

Babs said...

Cheri, are you the Cheri from Oklahoma that used to come and stay in the guest house? IF so, it is good to hear from you. If not, it is still good to hear from you...wherever you are! ha.

Steve Cotton said...

I am glad you kept the bamboo desk. I have spent many hours writing essays from its surface. You made a great move.

Kim G said...

Good Lord! You're living large in a mansion there! Looks lovely, and as always, decorated in impecable taste.


Kim G
Redding, CA
Where it has become cold and rainy, which we need, at least the rainy part.

Babs said...

Steve. I'm happy that you enjoyed the bamboo desk. I did not know that was where you sat to write......makes it even more special....

Kim, thanks. Well, it is definitely not a mansion but it sure is comfortable. I hope the rains help in your part of California and that you are safe from the remnants of the fires.Think of you frequently.

Cheri said...

Yes, Barb, I'm the Cheri from Oklahoma!

Babs said...

Cheri - Wonderful to know you are still around and reading the blog. I so
enjoyed meeting you the times that you stayed in the Guest House....Do stay in touch

Scott said...

It is tough to imagine anything better than where you previously lived but what a beautiful abode and garden area. The first time holidays at your new home should be so fun!

Babs said...

I'm shocked too Scott that I am lucky enough to have this place to live. I'm having fun working on the gardens and enjoying having grass, since I don't have to cut it! ha.
For Christmas I have ordered the grandkids a croquet set, a volleyball/badminton set and horseshoes. I think we need to enjoy the huge yard and the paved area where the cars are parked as well.........Can't wait.Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Might come down and take alook see.

Babs said...

Thanks "Anonymous". come down anytime. We are having great weather right now in the low 70's daily and ALWAYS sunshine.....

It has been a wonderful tranquil Christmas here.
IF you wish to see photos of SMA at Christmas, go to the blog called
Take to the Highway and read her post with photos of Christmas Eve in
San Miguel. It is magnificent.