Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The "Best" of the Bench

When I'm "out of sorts" and feeling slightly grumpy, for one reason or the other, a trip to "the bench" seems to make everything right in the World.

I managed to get there yesterday!  It is not that easy anymore as they have closed the streets around the jardin so it is about a three block walk, with cane in hand, always looking down to avoid holes and tilted cobblestones.   But, I got there!

It was a National Holiday and so it was apparent there would be lotsa people there to celebrate the birthday of Benito Juarez.  I was not disappointed.

Along with visitors, however, there were the regular "benchinistas" such as, Bella the dog, who was stretching out and laying sprawled so all that saw her had to walk around her.  It is such a treat just to observe all the comments, photos, petting and other things people do when they see Bella.

Many, many Asian tourists in town yesterday.  One was a young woman who with her beautiful camera was taking many photos of Bella.  We started talking.  She is from China but a student in the USA at John Hopkins University.  She is here for Spring Break.  Her English was so perfect that if she had not told me that she is from China, I would have assumed that she was from the USA.  What a lovely person.

After she left a couple sat down next to me.  The man went over to rub Bella's ears and her stomach.
I've never, in all these years. seen Bella that excited.  After all she is a Bassett Hound and not prone to displays of excitement.  Usually rather droll.  Well, the belly rub really, really thrilled her.

I figured if that man was that gentle and kind to Bella that it might be nice to talk to he and his wife.
Indeed it was.  They are from Ottawa and come each year for close to two months.  They do indeed
love Mexico and San Miguel.  We covered a huge range of subjects.  Some of which made the three of us laugh out loud.  It is always very interesting to me to talk with Canadians.  They have a wider world view, IMHO.  Their perception and sadness of what is going on in the USA is eye opening.

These people along with many Canadians that I have talked with in the last year or so tell me that they arrange their flights here and home so that they fly OVER the USA and do not have to deal with US Customs in the USA due, often, to their rudeness.  Wow, what a sad commentary.............Often the rudeness is not directed at them, but Mexican people on the same flight that have to go through Customs.  A viewpoint through another person's eyes.

After about an hour of conversation this couple moved on to things they needed to do and then my great and old time friend Angie sat down.  Angie and I have known each other since I moved here.
She came here from Haiti over twenty years ago.  A fantastic artist and lover of life along with all things that have to do with cats.  She even painted a cat on the front of her house!  We caught up with each other's news and then parted ways.

Reluctantly, I had things that I needed to do or I could have sat and watched the panorama of people for hours.  It is NEVER a dull moment in the jardin.  It is one of the beautiful things about Mexico.  Parks are used.  Benches are used and one need never be lonely.  Walk to the jardin and it is like you are in a National Geographic Special. 

I certainly needed that yesterday..............Viva Mexico!


R. P. said...

The perfect day in San Miguel de Allende. Plus, maybe a Churro or two. :) Can't wait to join you with your rebuilt knee on that bench. Best to you. Robert

Babs said...

Indeed Robert, I look forward to having you and Colleen there as friends!

Unknown said...

We are back home in Alabama after a hellish trip through Dallas customs. Will return to SMA for three months in July. Hope to see you and your new knee then. Thanks for info on your son the realtor. Bill

Babs said...

Bill, sorry you had problems with Customs in Dallas! Look forward to meeting ya'll in July. Hopefully I'll be able to dance in the streets with my new knee!

Unknown said...

We so desperately wish we were Canadian! We agree with the Canadians you met... US Customs and Immigration officers are the rudest people. Often times we'd like to say something to them, but we're sure if we did it would result in some sort of uncomfortable cavity search.
Glad you made it to the Jardin. It is truly one of the best people-watching places in SMA.
Good luck with your knee replacement. Bill is still recovering from his recent knee surgery, but is doing well.
Best wishes,
Chris & Bill

Babs said...

Hi Chris - I second all you sentiments. I have to bite my tongue often at Customs. They are the first impression of the USA for foreigners. Imagine that!

Glad to hear Bill is on the road to recovery..........Onward.

Unknown said...

Hi Babs, I am one of your followers. Very much enjoy reading your blogs. I will be in San Miguel March 28- April 5 and will be hunting for a 2 bedroom furnished apt not far from the Centro. I am planning on moving there with a friend this summer + Ernie, my dog. I haven’t been to San Miguel in many years, but know this will be the right move for me. I would love to hook up with you after my arrival on 3/28. Can use all the help I can get. Thanks & look forward to hearing back from you. Madeline (Maddy to most)

Babs said...

Hi Maddy - Sadly I fly out on the 27th for Houston and will not return until the first of June. I'm off for knee replacement surgery.

Good luck in your search for the right place to live. I look forward to meeting you and
Ernie and your friend!