Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SPRING is here!

BUT. not daylight savings does not happen in Mexico until April 1.  What that means is that IF we want to watch the US national news, we have to remember to turn the TV on at 4:30PM.

Needless to say, I remember once in a while.

The photo above was taken last year while I was in Houston.  I have never seen this flower before or since.  IF anyone knows what it is called and what kind of climate it needs to grow, please let me know.

It looks to me like those little flowers that bloom in bogs in the South, but I was not in or near a swamp or bog when I saw these.

EVERYTHING in the last week has started to bloom all over San Miguel.  A plethora of colors from fuscia to lavender to yellow and every shade in between.

The hummingbirds are zooming around.  The monarchs are flying through heading north, but, first, stopping to refresh on both the nectar from the jacaranda trees and everything else that has nectar.
They will have a long journey over much desolate land as they head North.  Water will not be plentiful either so I always have birdbaths full as well as other water sources for them.

From the TV it appears that the North and especially the Northeast are getting hammered with snow.
What a mess.  Then it appears the West Coast is getting hammered with rain.  Another mess.

Not gloating, but we have the most consistent weather of any place that I have ever lived.  From now, until mid-May, it will be in the low to mid 80's during the day with sunshine and then in the high 50's to 60's at night.  Absolutely perfect.  Then there will be about four weeks of temps in the 90's, but still low, low humidity.  That will end when the rains come in mid-June.   The temps then drop back into the high 70's or low 80's during the day.  It remains that way through the rainy season or til October.  Blissful weather, spoken like a Texas girl who remembers humidity and heat very well.

The snowbirds will leave the first of April and the sweatbirds won't come to town til July and the first part of August.  The town will be muy tranquila.  

And, so it goes.............


Retired Teacher said...

And here in Ohio we had several inches of snow last night! At least it is already starting to melt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is the last snow, but I know that it is possible that there will be more before winter says farewell for another year.

Babs said...

I have thought of you through all this bad weather! I know you are absolutely ready for it all to be over with.............soon you will have flowers poking through the soil.
I wish you were here. The weather is absolutely outstanding. Me, not so much, in fact the word standing makes me cringe - just kidding.

Retired Teacher said...

In two weeks I will be in Mexico City for a month. Of course I will be missing spring in Ohio, but I can usually count on great weather in Mexico City in April... and without any rogue, late season snow storms.

Hang in there. You will soon have your operation, and things will be getting better!

Babs said...

Bill, enjoy your time in CDMX! It will be a lovely time of year. Hopefully I'll be back to being able to walk long distances again in about six months and will be able
to plan a sojourn to see you there.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Spring has sprung here on Vancouver Island as well. Everything is leafing up and budding. But it is still quite cold some days. Enjoy the buzzing and fluttering.

Babs said...

Buzzing and fluttering is good Peter! Enjoy your spring as well. It was 48F here this morning but supposed to be 84F by day's end!

alcuban said...

Agree that our climate is about as perfect as can be (or that I have been able to find).

Still, I wish we had some spring rains, the old "April showers", though April showers up north often come as six inches of snow, which is not so great. On the other hand, by now the dry air in San Miguel is drying up even your youthful skin. So nothing is perfect.

We have some hummingbirds building a little nest right outside our shower window. It's about the size of a large lemon right now. Hummers are great. We feed them sugar water and they pay us back by buzzing around all day long.

Hope your knee operation goes well.

al and stew

Babs said...

Hi Al - I too wish for spring showers and am SO grateful if we get ONE between now and June!
My youthful skin looks like a roadmap of Mexico. Not funny, ha.
I LOVE the hummingbirds. My wildlife biologist son does not agree
with feeders for hummingbirds, so instead I just plant all the things
that they like to get nectar from. It IS so fun to watch them. Each
one seems to have its own distinct personality! I also have a few
abandoned hummingbird nests that are works of art.
Thanks for the good wishes and I'll see you this summer.

norm said...

The maple trees are still adorned with sap buckets here in Ohio, cold at night, 30-40 in the daytime but the ponds are thawed, I have some hardy spring flowers up. I cut up some garden space for my snow peas last Sunday. Our version of spring is here as well .

Babs said...

Yikes, Norm - I can't even imagine. Better thee then me (who hates January and February in SMA). ha

Happy Spring

Scott said...

I have a friend on a trip Houston to see her Mom who has had hip surgery. Along the way she went to see a friend in New Braunfels (Canyon Lake area) and it is bluebonnet time. Lots of great wildflower photos from down South in TX.

Babs said...

Ahh, Scott, yes, this time of year the Texas Hill country is alive with Indian paintbrush and bluebonnets,just to name a few. Sure wish I was driving to Houston
instead of flying! Maybe I'll get out to Round Top before the surgery and
get to see the rolling hills and the bluebonnets. Sure would love that!

Anonymous said...

"Sweatbirds." Too funny! As a former resident of Houston, I know only too well that of which you speak. But I think you've coined a hilarious term.

Well, enjoy your fabulous weather. I'm enjoying the California weather. Even though I'm stuck here essentially against my will, it didn't keep me from enjoying the fact that I didn't have to shovel (huge quantities) of snow.


Kim G
Redding, CA
Where the rain has stopped and warmer weather beckons.

R. P. said...

Onward and Upward! Buena Salud!

Babs said...

Thanks Kim and RP. I probably won't be answering comments for a while as I'm having
BIG problems with my computer and the internet. I'm alive and well and so appreciate
your well wishes and comments, but life is in a mess right now, so if I won't respond
it is not because I don't care.

R. P. said...

No Problema! Take care of what needs to be.