Sunday, February 11, 2018

Short Term (THREE MONTHS) House for Lease - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - March 1 - May 31, 2018 HOUSE LEASED

For the third time in almost 18 years, I am offering my house for lease for the period of March 1 through May 31, 2018
This will be during the time that the jacaranda blooms in front of the house and glorious flowers bloom in many of the gardens.
 The house is a one bedroom, one bath spacious, light filled house.  All furnishings and accessories highlight the outdoor gardens and the sunshine that streams in.  The bed is a luscious, king size (new mattress).
 Comfortable seating is available throughout the home.  There is a TV in the bedroom along with one
in the living room.  The TV provides not only Shaw satellite and 120 channels, but also myriad music channels for your daily delight.  There is a DVD player and stacks of good movies to watch.
 There is a dressing area along with a water closet and shower behind a separate door adjacent to the bedroom.
On the ground level is the living room, dining room and kitchen.  The sectional sofa has a queen size sleeper bed as well.
 More comfortable seating with views of the gardens, the mountains and the gorgeous azure blue sky.
 Lovely stone details and arched windows let you know that you ARE in Mexico.
 The dining room table expands to seat eight people.  It is adjacent to the kitchen and is filled with folk art collected throughout Mexico.

 In the dining room, a desk provides  a great place to check the high speed internet, which is provided while gazing out the window.
The kitchen has a six burner gas stove and all the appliances that one could need in preparation of meals.
Upstairs is an extensive roof terrace with views looking North, South East and West 

                            This section of the terrace faces North and West.  Perfect viewing of the sunsets, canyon and birds!  The property is very tranquil at the end of a dead end street with no barking street dogs.......
View looking due North

                                             Ahh, the sunsets looking toward the mountains!           
The house will lease for $950USD per month for three months.  Everything is included in this figure. All utilities, landline phone, satellite TV, highspeed internet, maid two days a week as well as gardener two days a week.  Just bring your personal items and ENJOY!  Sorry, no smokers or pets.

To secure the house, I would require first and last month plus security deposit equal to one month's rent.  Security deposit is returned within 30 days of departure.  Therefore, the amount require up front is $2,850USD or peso equivalent.

If interested, please contact me at  Gracias.


Steve Cotton said...

Is the place filled for August? Someone may be interested.

Babs said...

Hi Steve - Yes, both houses will be occupied in August, as far as I know. My house is available for these three months while I go off to get a new knee. Hopefully I'll be back June 1, 2018. Thanks for asking..The guest house lease ends August 31, 2018.

Scott said...

What a lovely home! I've seen the guest home pics several times but just wanted to say this is very nice space you've created for yourself.

Babs said...

Thanks Scott! I was astounded how many people emailed me wanting to rent it for three months. It did not look like this when I leased it, lo those many years ago, but it certainly has become the home that I have been the most content in an now lived in longer then any other place in my life!

R. P. said...

That Jacaranda is stunning!
Safe Travels.
Robert & Colleen