Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Red Hair "Flaming"!

The last year has been one for the Record Books, as many people are saying.  We have all absorbed
and watched with "shock and awe" the political antics.  Daily, weekly, minute by minute, it seems
one thing or another has happened to shake me, as well as many others to our core.  What a horrible example for our children and grandchildren.

NOW, today, my red hair is "flaming".  It takes a lot for me to get to the point of no return, but it
seems to me after the announcement last night that the man in the White House wants a Military
Parade, that I have reached that point.  I sincerely hope those who can stop this insanity are at
the same point.

It is wrong in more ways then one.  The cost, the stupidity, the absurdness of a man who was a draft dodger and who respects no one, wanting this makes me nuts!  It is an insult to our military, to our
citizens and to our country.

The fact that so many important programs to help our citizens have been cancelled due to a "lack of funds" such as Meals on Wheels, help in  Puerto Rico and on and on and on, but he wants a parade
that would cost millions and millions and millions of dollars, it defies common sense.  Of course he could use all that excess money raised for his inauguration - $100 million that most of was not used - to pay for his own parade!  Ahh, but I hear he has set it aside for his "defense" fund.  Too bad.

This morning when I read the article, the funniest part were the comments by the citizens of the USA!  That and the tweet by DT,Jr. of a photo of his father with a rapper which is supposed to
prove that he is not a racist.  Made me laugh out loud.

Enough is enough.  We are losing all the values, the traditions and the esteemed integrity of our
country, for what?

It is scary, first of all.  It is infuriating, second of all.  And then there is the lack of respect at this moment for our country and its government.  How could this have happened so fast?  Where are
the checks and balances that we were all raised to believe in?  It is beyond astonishing.

I don't care what party you're in or if you're not even in a party, we as citizens of the USA should unite to stop this horrible debacle that is occurring right before our eyes.

If you don't agree that this is a debacle and you are angered by this post, feel free to stop reading
my blogs.  My red hair is flaming.  I feel like Joan of Arc and I'm ready to slay some "dragons".

My answer, "VOTE VOTE VOTE".


TakeToTheHighwaydotcom said...

How unbelievably ironic that as I was typing my comment to echo your sentiments, I had to stop urgently to investigate outdoor warning sirens. There is already a Friday weekly test, so the mid-week siren caught me off guard. It scared the everlivin' daylights out of me, because to make it worse, there is a large, gray cloud on the horizon toward the DFW airport. My knees are still shaking. How did we get here in just one (albeit long) year??

I read a great article today by Jim Wright who laid it out beautifully why the truly strong don't need a parade to know who they are.

Elaine May said...

Hello Barb,
I've been reading your blog for years, but don't think I've replied before. If I did, it has been many moons ago.
However today, I agree with you so very much that I just had to let you know. I've been very mouthy on facebook about trump since he was elected. What a complete, immature, pompous, paranoid idiotic, stupid moron he is. I have been so worried about what he is doing to your country and the rest of the world. I just can't believe that people, the Republicans, I guess are letting him get away with the things he does. He'll bankrupt the USA and get the rest of the world into a war if he isn't stopped.
I'm a Canadian, so don't have much I can do. I sure hope you'll get him dumped some way, he's downright scary. Just wanted to let you know, I understand how you feel and you have every right to feel the way you do.
All the best with your knee repair.
I don't have a blog, but you can find more about me on facebook under Elaine McCullough May

Babs said...

What! Outdoor warning sirens! OH MY, when and why did that start? I so agree with Jim Wright......btw, just today, I'm thinking of renting MY house for the three months I'm gone. Know anyone who might be interested? Lotsa work to get personal stuff out but I have no idea how much Medicare and my insurance will pay for this surgery....aargh. "Take to the Highway" did you make it to Mexico?

Babs said...

Elaine May - Thanks for commenting. We are "birds of a feather". I don't think you have ever commented before as I would have remembered that name! I will check you out on FB......

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Every morning starts with a heavy sigh as I read the next idiotic this man has done. Being Canadian as well I can only hope that the USA will sometime this year put ens end to this man and the GOP. I wish we could come a stay at your house again, but alas this year it's not to be.

Babs said...

Hi Peter! Good to hear from you. I'm hearing from many that they have experienced
the same emotions that I have experienced.

I KNOW that some day we will reconnect. Hopefully. It was a joy having both of
you here.....

Take care.

Retired Teacher said...

When I read about his plans for a military parade all I could think of were the parades that the Communist dictators would have on Red Square.

Babs said...

Indeed Bill.

Woody said...

I’ve been reading for your blog for a long time. I love the way you see the world and knew we had many things in common (I own an interior design firm that designs hotels). But today’s blog proves it. I could not have said it better.

Babs said...

Oh Woody, I LOVE hearing from long time readers. The fact that you design hotels is intriguing. Tell me more. If you don't want to do it publicly, write to me at Thanks for your views.

R. P. said...

Well said. You belong with these strong, admirable women:
Have a great day!
Colleen (and Robert)

alcuban said...

Just wait for Generalissimo Trump to show up wearing some sort of uniform, a plumed hat and a chestful of medals! (I worry about Melania, that poor woman).


Babs said...

Thanks Colleen: I used to be among those groups. Then I retired into anonymity..sort of......

Al, disgusting, isn't he? I don't worry about Melania. She got as far as she has
gotten on her own. All the money in the world would not be worth it to me!
Hopefully you are at the beach, chilling out!

Kathie said...

Great post and perfectly expresses my own anger and fear. I was an Air Force officer and my husband is a retired Navy officer and both of us served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. One of our sons is currently an Army officer who was in Afghanistan. A military parade is just plain stupid. Btw, I love your flaming red hair, and I will have my second knee replacement next Tuesday. Good luck.

crynoutloud said...

Hey Babs
Everything Trump does is wrong, so some serious consequences are coming at us. Personally he is an inflationist which is not good for people on fixed incomes and savers.
Regular Medicare usually covers 80%. A supplemental policy usually covers the rest. My wife has a $2000 deductible and insurance pays 100% after that.
If you figure the operation is going to be expensive you can wait and adjust your insurance this November for next year.
If you have a HMO or PPO Medicare make sure every little thing is in network and covered.

Babs said...

Thank you Kathie for your service, your husband's service and your son's service. How wonderful, Thank you is certainly not enough thanks, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Instead of the $20 mil for a parade, why not help those warriors who need help. Get them housing, healthcare, mental health care etc etc etc, instead of USING them as a prop for his base. It incenses me to think about it. Every time he salutes, I want to knock him to the ground for all the men who served and can't salute anymore.

Well, Kathie if you are having a second knee done, it must not have been too bad to have the first one. I too need both done, but I'm not doing it at the same time.....Glad you love my FLAMING hair. It has served me well, ha.

Babs said...

Thanks crynoutloud. I've used the Medicare and my supplemental several times before, without problems. Hopefully that will be the case this time. I have heard that I need to get some equipment, like a walker, a raised toilet seat etc and that Medicare pays for that! So, I'm off to the races..........well not quite yet.

I appreciate your taking time to write with the suggestions. I don't know what I would do without all the help from you readers!

Steve Cotton said...

I find that it is best when shampooing with kerosene to avoid standing next to butalighters.

But to be a bit more serious, I am not infuriated with the parade idea, just annoyed. Military parades are conducted for a purpose -- usually to celebrate something. The French have them to underline the power of the revolution on Bastille Day. That is perfectly fine -- in a rather sad realization of faded French glory. The States have held military parades to celebrate big events -- like some of the troops returning home from Europe and the Pacific at the end of World War Two leaving behind quite a few where their replacements still serve.

So, the concept does not bother me. What does bother me is that this president has the same imperialist instincts as the last one. Military parades have long been a local function in The States. Our strength as a nation does not lie in Washington. It lies in its citizens in their communities who know how to put on parades that really mean something to them. On veterans' day. On independence day. And that is why I tell this president to keep his hands off of what works.

Babs said...

Hi Steve, I'm sorry but I have read the first sentence several times and I do not know what it means........

And, on another note, to compare Trump to Obama absolutely dumbfounds me.

I do agree that parades should be for a reason other then propping up someone who is so insecure and has an agenda that is frightening.

Steve Cotton said...

The first sentence is unintelligible because of my typing. Never mind. It was simply a throwaway (or should I say, a burn away) line.

Some of us dislike some of the policies of the current president for the same reason we dislkied some of the policies of his predecessor, and for that matter, his predecessor. All three have been feeding the myth of the imperial presidency. So, I oppose some Trump policies for exactly the reason I opposed some Obama policies and some Bush policies. This parade infatuation is one of them.

marilyn said...

Hi Babs, well, I love what your flaming red hair does for your writing! Well said - or, I should say well written.

And what intelligent readers you have! (mostly ; -) ! )

I wonder what it will be like for you in Texas? I'm surrounded by friends & acquaintances who share my views. I've only been in one verbal altercation with a stranger, and it left me with the common, "why didn't I say .......... ". That's so frustrating.

stay strong!! Lena J

Babs said...

No problem in Houston or Austin - both are very liberal.....So are my friends and family. Open minded might be a better phrase.

Thanks for your comment, Lena.

Michael Dickson said...
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