Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mixing It Up!

Most of us, I think, are creatures of habit.  I have become such a thing, much to my surprise.  My life
used to be one of no two waking hours alike, but now time has settled into a soft, rumbling, pattern.

This morning, when I awakened at 6:15AM, bright eyed and bushy tailed, the plan changed.  I decided that instead of turning over and going back to sleep that I would get up and see the sunrise.
Something that I have not done in a very, very long time.

Pulling back the drapes, the sky was lavender, blue and pink.  I did not even turn around and instantly
make my bed, a morning ritual.  No, I scurried upstairs, slowly (ha) and got a cup of coffee ready to settle in my favorite chair to watch the sky. 

Then it happened. I saw a hot air balloon.  Oh my.  Then another.  I then slowly scurried to the roof top and saw, in all its glory, the sky, the distant mountains..........and the two hot air balloons.  By now it was not even 7:30AM. 

There is a whole other world at that time of the morning.  Complete silence up here on the hill except for the slight swoosh of the hot air balloons in the distance.

A feeling of complete contentment entered as I watched a scene that could have been out of a movie.
Truly beautiful.

Then it happened again, a sound.  I looked up and it was the white ibis heading up over the edge of the mountain to the Botanical Gardens.  The sound that I heard..........their wings flapping.

No one could plan for such an exquisite experience.  The Universe just decided to present it this morning and I just happened to be around to enjoy it.

I think I need to head to the roof terrace more often.  The whole morning has been an experience of peacefulness and contentment.

Viva Mexico!


Deborah S. said...

It's wonderful how small changes can have big impacts! What a lovely way to start your day--thank you for sharing it!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Your roof terrace is wonderful and offers one of the best views in San Miguel. Fond memories...

Unknown said...

I would jump out of bed when I heard the hot air balloons, I could never get enough of that sight. We spent a lot of time on the roof and the ibis going home in the late afternoon was a beautiful thing to watch. One of my favourite things to do was to shake your lemon tree for my morning cup of tea. I miss that every single day. Have a wonderful day, cheers.

Babs said...

Deborah, Peter and Shelagh..glad ya'll enjoyed the post. It was one of those times I did not even bother to have the camera!

Shelagh, if ya'll are interested in coming back next January and February, let me know. My house will be available.....