Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sleepless in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

It is THAT time of year!  Our summer.  It is usually about two plus months long...........then the rainy season comes in with rain to cool it off each evening. Our summer is April, May and half of June.

However, right now it gets up in the 90's in the late afternoon and cools off, somewhat, during the night to the high 50's.  When the rainy season comes, hopefully soon, there will be no more 90's, but rather high 70's during the day and low 50's at night!  Then the weather is perfect.  We'll no longer be wearing gauzy lightweight clothes but instead back in our cotton and denim clothes that are heavier weight.

Right now it is a bit miserable.  Very few people have air conditioning.  More and more are getting the air conditioning splits or the new gizmo, an air conditioner on wheels, to be wheeled from room to room!  I have not seen one but it does sound too good to be true.

What most of us do is sleep with the windows and doors open.  That is if the doors and windows have screens.  There is usually a cool breeze at night.  And, there also are ceiling fans or circulating fans that can be put in front of a window to bring the cool air in such as the window fans of the olden days. 

I remember growing up with attic fans in the South when nothing was air conditioned.  Not stores, not schools nor the One Hour Martinizing Cleaners where I worked as a teenager.  Somehow back
then the heat did not seem as hot.  Maybe it was not.........

Here all the flowers are trying to hang on til the rains come as well.  We did have a rain last week with thunder and lightning.  It rained a soft rain all night.  What a treasure!

I always laugh at how excited we all get when it rains.  Growing up in a part of the country where rain was taken for granted and the yards took on the look of a tropical jungle, never ever did I think
I would wish for rain.  Definitely, it becomes a wish and a topic of discussion here in Mexico about
this time of the year - every year.

The only positive thing to be said is that the humidity up here in the mountains is very low.  Usually about 20% or lower.  Thankfully.  Therefore it does not feel as hot as it does in places like Houston or New Orleans where the humidity is typically 90%.  There the heat hits one like a blast furnace.

Luckily, we won't be sleepless much longer.  The rain dances and ceremonies are going on as I write.
The elders say it won't be long............RAIN!


Cat in KC MO said...

Babs, even though I grew up in Kansas City, MO, I also grew up with an attic fan, and do not remember going many places where there was AC. I think the heat might not have seemed as hot because we were not a bunch of “wimps” back then. ;)

Dan in NC said...

Sure, I'll show up on Saturday, leaving hot and humid NC for plain old hot SMA! A cold beer/ margarita, homemade salsa and totopos, with cool breeze on the patio, and another fab SMA sunset will start our holidays off right! Looking forward to the next few weeks! See ya soon...

Babs said...

See ya'll soon!

Babs said...

Cat, I don't know. I do remember some HOT days in high school when we did not have
air conditioning. Yuk......... So far, I'm remaining cool because I'm wearing the lightest fabrics that I can when at home.....ha

Steve Cotton said...

I will be returning to Barra de Navidad just as the summer starts heating up. Lucky me.

Babs said...

Steve, I don't know how you do it. At least when I return from Texas, the rains will be here and we'll have our cooler temps back. Hang in there. Are you planning on coming over here in August?