Sunday, April 09, 2017

Halleluia...............I have overcome!

Probably for at least a year, I have agonized over the fact that I was going to be seventy-five years old last
Friday.  It caused me to reflect, panic and go into a slight depression for a little bit of the time.  Life

About four months ago it seemed that a BIG party would be the answer. Like the one that I threw for my sixty-fifth.  Hmmm, there is a pattern here when they end in a five.  I had fifty-five people here for a sit down dinner in the gardens.  It was delightful except for the fact that I was so busy that I hardly had time to visit with anyone.  So, that idea went away.

Then I thought well maybe ten or twelve people at a restaurant.  But, as the time drew nigh, I decided not to do anything and just make it through the day.

I guess having a BIG birthday is good for reflection and remembrance.  It certainly has been what I've done
for the last year, off and on.

Somehow, when the day arrived, it was a no-brainer.  Actually all of last week was really fun!  An impromptu invitation to brunch at a friend's house on Monday; lunch with two blog readers on Wednesday; a program by the International School and Matilda's dance performance on Thursday;and then lunch on Friday with two dear friends as well as the piece de resistance on Friday evening. Dinner with my son, John, his girlfriend Carmen and Matilda and Sebastian.  What fun!  Presents too.

                                       Nine year old Matilda in her costume from the annual school program.

                                          John and Sebastian waiting for dinner on my birthday
 The kids, happy.  They had their first Shirley Temple cocktail with two cherries as part of the celebration!
I LOVE this photo.  The frown on Seb's face is because he had to wait to dig into the birthday brownie and ice cream while the photo was taken.  Hilarious.

Then the best part of all was that Matilda and Sebastian came home with me.  The three of us slept together in my big kingsize bed.  Ahh, the memories.  Conversations.  Comments.  And things I noticed.

Matilda came into the kitchen on Saturday morning to help me make homemade biscuits.  As she sidled up to the counter, her comment, "Grammy I don't need the step ladder anymore to help you", stopped me dead in my tracks.  Where has the time gone?  How have they grown up so fast?  And, then my next thought was
I want to be around to see them grow ALL the way up.  The grandkids in Houston too.

The end result was I dreaded being 75.  Now I'm hoping I make it to 90, at least.  All because of  the love from family and friends reminded me that life is worth living.  Onward.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Happy birthday Barbara! May you enjoy many more in good health and happiness.

Babs said...

Thank you Peter! We sure do miss ya'll down here......
WHEN are you returning?

Barbara Lane said...

Oh DO celebrate each year! I'm so thankful I've managed to live this long and am proud of my age and make no apologies for the age-related changes in my body. Given what it's been through I'm very, very happy with it just as it is. Still, I admit to being thrilled with it all and at the same time horrified at the physical changes. How did that happen?? WHEN did that happen?? :)

It is ALL good as long as we are independent and feeling fine.

Wishing you an amazing year and many yet to come!

Cat in KC MO said...

A belated Happy Birthday Babs. It looks like it was a really special one!

Seriously though? You do NOT look like you are 75 years old. :)

Babs said...

Thanks Barbara Lane and Cat M. Barbara, it IS all good.

The good wishes are gratefully accepted.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, you are a lucky lass. Peter just recently sent condolences to a friend on the passing of his father aged 95. The friend appreciated the comment" aging is a privilege denied to many." Thank you for remembering us so well in your thoughts and please say hello to our friends down there. Boy the kids have grown up in the last year.

Croft said...

Happy Birthday Barbara! It's just a number! You are happier and healthier than many your age!

sylvia said...

Happy Birthday! You look amazing and I think your family keeps you young! 🎂🎉🍾

Babs said...

Shelagh - Yes, this past year it seems the kids have changed a lot. They sure are fun! I will say hello to whoever is left here today - most people are gone right now. We are down to a very few.

Croft - Indeed it is JUST a number. Thanks for your comment.

And Sylvia, your observation is correct. My family does keep me young and make
me want to keep on going......Thanks for taking time to comment.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Beautiful way to celebrate your life and a lovely take on all of this. I'm starting to think the important thing is to celebrate every day ... we might not make it to the next birthday ... ;-) It doesn't all have to be brownies and Shirley Temples ... it can just celebrating being alive. You are so blessed to have family and Mexico ... and you radiate love. hugs, joyce

Unknown said...

John's gotta girlfriend, John's gotta girlfriend.
I'm still twelve yrs old.....

Babs said...

Hi Joyce - thanks so much for your comments! I DO celebrate every day with gratitude for being in this peaceful, tranquil beautiful place. I'm very aware that many go at a much earlier time. I lost sixteen friends last sent me reeling, to put it mildly.

SMALL Potatoes - I'm SO glad you are still twelve years old! And, yes, John has a girlfriend. One of the loveliest people that I have ever met. We ALL love her. It IS a thrill to see him so happy and content, truly.

Retired Teacher said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara! And that's the best way to celebrate it... a "birthweek" instead of just a "birthday".

Babs said...

Bill, good idea! I'm working not only on a "birthweek" but possibly a "birthmonth" as there will be celebrations in Texas when I get there! Woo hoo. Glad I won't miss one minute of any of it. Hugs.