Friday, March 31, 2017

Purple Rain

With the bougainvillea blooming and dropping leaves in fuscia colors along with the jacaranda tree
 tree blooming and dropping purple blossoms, it is quite beautiful even on the ground without even
looking at the tree!  Although the tree is quite spectacular this year. The jardin is in its finery, although no jacarandas.
 But the photo below, with a view of the Parroquia church through the branches of the jacaranda is one of my favorite photos.  All in all, it is a perfect day - every day!


alcuban said...

Those are some beautiful "purple shots". Thank you.

Retired Teacher said...

I love bougainvillea and jacaranda. I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of both next week in Mexico City.

Babs said...

Thanks Al. Coming from you that means a lot! I sure wish
I had a better camera. Your photos are always so clear and concise.

Bill, enjoy your time in CDMX. It should be beautiful there now.
I don't remember if I mentioned that there is a great exhibit at
Bellas Artes until May 5th that came from Philadelphia. Art from
the Revolution or something like that, is the name. All who have
seen it say it is excellent.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

We sure miss your beautiful home on the hill. Those loungers were great, with a glass of white wine. I can see señor Javier sweeping along...