Sunday, February 05, 2017

Should I? Should I not? That was the Question.

After driving for eight hours, I reached my friend John's house to drop off some groceries and items that needed to go into the fridge until my return there two weeks later.  John has a lovely big kitchen with a stove with a big oven, so its fun to cook for him and myself when I visit.  I find it easier to just bring things from my home as the shopping in that area is limited.

Usually when I arrive, I'm greeted by a couple of horses and a few dogs.  No horses this time but I was greeted by a new acquisition, Mia.
A giveaway puppy from someone who did not want it......she sidled up to me and sat down on my foot the minute that I got out of the car!  Oh my.......Of course I had to pick her up and she just cuddled in my arms.
Uh oh............

Luckily I was only going to be there for a little while before I headed on to my destination of the village of La Manzanilla where I would be staying for my first two weeks.

Whew!  Saved.  I cuddled her some more and left.

 Of course, upon my return two weeks later Mia had grown some, but, was still cute and following me around.  To the point, that I had to look down to make sure she was not right by my feet!  Or laying right next to my chair.  Just about as close as she is to Tank, the bulldog, who was at the house last year.

Tank was pretty lonely as his great boxer pal Guapo another boxer disappeared in November.  I swear you could tell that Tank was sad and lonely by his hangdog expression.  He was very perky last year.

Mia is half boxer and half pit bull with baby blue eyes.   Tank was very protective of her - even when she was biting him and barking at him and climbing all over him.  Since they are not related, I found that very interesting.  He even deferred to her at food time since they ate out of the same big bucket!

Mia is already a very smart puppy and definitely already knew her name, when it was food time and not to go out to the road where the surfers and beach goers park their cars.  Quite a pup.

I toyed with the idea of taking her home with me until I looked at the size of her paws  and knew that she is going to be a BIG dog.  Also, what a wonderful life she has at the end of the dirt road with acres and acres to run and play on, Tank to play with, and plenty of places to sun her little body.

That would not have been her life back here in San Miguel.  So, even though I was encouraged to bring her home with me, the final decision was not to do so.  She has a GREAT life right where she is! 

Whew.........that was a close call.


Tancho said...
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La Tejedora said...

You did the Unselfish thing and left her for a better life with TANK and many acres at the end of a dirt road. BRAVA. xoxoxoxo N

Babs said...

Tancho, "Guilt" is a useless emotion............Mia loved following TANK around and
she is just fine right where she is........I have a busy year of traveling this year. I would have hated to put a puppy at a boarding place.

Thanks La Tejedora..........I agree.

Gilda Valdez Carbonaro said...

Dear Babs,

It so happened that when I opened up your last post, I happened to have just arrived in La Manzanilla to give a cooking class. It was a welcome post because I'm not familiar with the area. I followed your suggestion to Cuastecomate and Tenacatita much to my delight...had fresh oysters just out of the water, which I haven't seen in quite a while. I hope to see you continue to write about your trip, and yes, we hope to make it home clear of Guadalajara.


Babs said...

Hello Gilda - So sorry we did not meet! I'm glad you enjoyed Cuastecomate and Tenacatita. Where I stay across the bay from Cuastecomate, I can watch the oyster divers (they use no tanks) and the squid fishermen in the middle of the night with their lights on the water. It is a surreal sight.

Where do you live? I'm so glad you enjoyed the fresh oysters. We have gone out, by kayak, and bought fresh fish out of the bay from the fishermen and grilled them that day! Nothing better....

Glad you enjoyed your stay! And, thanks for taking time to comment.

Gilda Valdez Carbonaro said...


You'll have to give me recommendations for a house rental for my return since you seem to know the lay of the land. I live in San Miguel de Allende, so I look forward to meeting you. My website is Can you contact me through here so we can meet up? Or through FB :



Babs said...

Gilda, I'm very, very impressed with the beauty of your website and the quality of your tours and your professional group.

I sent an email to your website. Look forward to our meeting.

Hasta luego


alcuban said...

Barbara, I have a couple of adorable dogs when you're ready to adopt! Both are neutered and ready to find love.


Babs said...

Al, I'll be in Chiapas in March and Texas in April.......after that, for sure!

With that said, I would like to come and meet your adorable dogs. Are ya'll back?

Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara,

I've just read through your last couple of posts. Looks like you've had a very lovely vacation from the daily stress and strain of your regular life in SMA, haha. I think you made the right decision with Mia. I love cats, but since my last cat died nearly two years ago, my current lifestyle with lots of travel just wouldn't be good. And it sounds like you're in a similar position.

Someday. Or maybe another cat, which are easier for traveling anyway.


Kim G
Redding, CA
Where a friend recently observed that I'm now torn between three places, all very far apart.

Babs said...

Kim - I see you're still in Redding, where snow is not coming down like a blizzard! Yeah.......Yes, indeed, you are spread out with three points about as far apart as possible (unless you had a place on another continent!

This is the first time in my life that I have not had a pet! It is weird, but also makes life easier when traveling. I'll be in Chiapas next month and then in Texas in April and possibly May, so a pet at present just would be crazy. Well, I am crazy
but don't want to put a pet through that.

Take care and thanks for taking time to write.

I did have a wonderful, restorative time, as always, at the beach.

Clete said...

Is there a reason my comment was deleted?

Clete said...

Is there a reason my comment was deleted?

Babs said...

I have not deleted any comments, Clete Boyer

Babs said...

Clete, you did comment on the Magic in the Bay and told me the correct way to spell
the name of the Bay. I commented and thanked you and corrected the blog.

Thanks again