Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cliff Notes

In the last blog post, I mentioned that I would post photos of what is happening to the cliff.  Here they are.....
 Where I was standing to take the photo used to be part of the cliff.  As you can see, no cliff anymore. It won't be much farther and the bulldozer will be level with the school wall.  Hopefully, that will be the end of this part of the project.
Luckily they stopped short of the electrical pole.  I wondered if that was going to go as well.  It might still be gone next time I look........who knows? 

When they announced and started all this back last year, I wondered how they were going to build something in the little space where the motorcycles were parked from the motorcycle repair shop down the hill.  Well, they are gone, sort of, and now there is a HUGE flat space to build "something". 

The steady stream of dump trucks full of dirt and rocks has been going on for three weeks.  I'll be leaving for Chiapas on the 6th.  Hopefully by the time I return, the dust, dirt and noise will be over.  Ha, that is probably wishful thinking.

Note the white rocks preventing people from driving off that drop off.  It made me smile when they put those there.  That was how the streets in Cancun were divided 40 years ago.  Except they weren't white rocks until they painted them.  Somewhere, I have photos of the road divider rocks.  Heaven only knows where!

The ingenuity of Mexico never ceases to amaze me.

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