Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Lists

Having always been a list maker, this time of the year that list making goes into overdrive.  There is the list of who to send money cards and Christmas cards.  Then there is the list of who to buy gifts for.  That has a sub-list in the case of the little grandchildren separated by names, items, and costs so that everything is even, money wise, at the end.

This year there is the Amazon list which seemed like a dream to just sit down, order and wait.  But, then
that one order became four orders with one item never shipping, so that one item went back on the list of things to buy for one of the grandchildren.  I knew it was too easy.

Now I'm to the Baking and Grocery shopping list.  What to bake - what ingredients to buy to bake all the goodies and who is going to get the goodies.  First off are the men in the parking lot where I park.  The first
year I brought a goodie plate to them, their smiles said it all.  Can't forget them.  And so, the list goes on.
It is such fun to take gifts to those who don't expect it.  It is getting harder and harder though to stand for hours in the kitchen and bake all this stuff.  This tradition may be ending in a year or so.

I'm not the only one making lists.  Matilda and Sebastian sent their lists to Santa around Thanksgiving time.
I photographed it as I think it is so cute that Mati wrote it for Sebastian.  His list is very long, her list, not so much.  She also asks for things for Scout, their dog and her cat.  Precious.

Of course, the one with the blue hearts is Sebastian's and the pink hearts are Matilda's list.  Just to make sure that Santa noticed them, they included messages to him of how much they love him and drawings that are
adorable.  Well, to a Grammy anyway.

Over the years I've seen many lists, but the most memorable have always been the ones that the kids and grandkids have written.  It is always refreshing to see life from their perspective.

Being a list maker can have its hazards.  One year, many years ago, I lost my main list for Christmas.  Honestly, I wondered if it would all get done.  If I would find all the things I had hidden from the kids - I did not - which became a family joke every year.

Truly, I don't know how anyone can get through this season without a list........or in my case, many lists!

Feliz Navidad.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

May your Christmas lists be helpful and your baking tasty! I sure enjoyed my first ever helping of pecan pie last year!

Feliz Navidad to you and yours.

Babs said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pecan pie, Peter. It is on the list to bake for Christmas dinner.........along with all the cookies that I did not get to bake
last year.

I wish a wonderful Christmas season for you, Shelagh and all your family.

We all miss ya'll. said...

I have kept a file of old Christmas lists so I don't repeat...until this year. now I have it on my phone.

Babs said...

Kay, what a great idea. I wish I had kept my lists over the years, but usually they are so mangled by the end of the season, that I just throw them away.

And, of course, I don't have a "fancy phone" - just a little one to add minutes to...

sylvia said...

I too have hidden presents and forgot where...I did that this morning! The lists your grandchildren write are so special!
Merry Christmas!

Babs said...

Thanks sylvia - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that forgets where things are hidden. Have a wonderful Christmas as well.

Onward to 2017!