Monday, October 31, 2016

Daylight Savings Time Ended in Mexico on Sunday Morning

It has always been an adjustment when DST ends and Central Time returns.  It is even more of an adjustment here in Mexico because it ends a week earlier here then it does in the USA.

One must remember that we're an hour behind the Midwest and two hours behind the East Coast - for a week.

For TV watchers, it requires remembering to watch CBS Sunday Morning at 7AM instead of 8AM along with watching the nightly national news at 4:30PM instead of 5:30 PM.  Of course, we all forget from time
to time.

The other adjustment is waking up in the morning.  Typically my slumber ends about 7:30AM at which time
inevitably one rises.  But, now this week, I'm ready to rise at 6:30AM.  Sheesh.

The good news is that I got to join friends for breakfast this morning as I was ready to head down to centro an hour earlier then usual.  The shrieks of shock and awe as I walked into the door of the Bagel Cafe was priceless, ha.

In fact, in order to record the fact for posterity, a good friend was enlisted to document this amazing feat
with a photograph.
Here are three great friends.  Left to right, Carolyn Elam who has left San Miguel and lives back in Nashville now.  Angie Phillips who has been here over twenty years and moved here from Haiti.  Angie is a great portrait artist.  Last, but definitely not least is Jennifer Butz, former owner of the Bagel Cafe who just returned to her home in San Miguel after a couple of years of living in South Korea.

Our group is never at a loss for words.  Always stimulating conversations with this group.

As I left the group this morning, my intent was to photograph doorways and all the fresh flowers decorating the town.  But, the scene below stopped me dead in my tracks and caused me to ask the woman carrying the pinata if I could take a photograph.  She is a Mexican local.  Our conversation while I photographed the Trump pinata was enlightening.

As if the day did not have enough surprises already, it is now pouring down rain along with lightning and thunder.  An hour ago the sky was azure blue.

NEVER a dull moment in Mexico


Dan in NC said...
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norm said...

Trump pinata: sign me up for forty whacks.

Unknown said...

Norm great post, Babs, since living in BC I miss thunder and lighting so much. In the lower mainland we almost never have it.

Babs said...

Norm, I was surprised how many people have been buying those pinatas here for their various parties.

Shelagh - We did not used to have so much lightning and thunder! It was a doozy of a rain and all for almost three hours. No trick or treating here last night......
Cheers back to ya'll

Anonymous said...

Coming in from La Cieneguita to Mega, the sky over San Miguel was clear with a rainbow arcing over the city via rain falling from the dark clouds behind and on both sides. 20 minutes later, solid rain and pea sized hail.

I'm never sure when the man who works on my gardens is going to show up and when I got home, he was flat against the wall on the west side of the house trying to find shelter. I brought him inside and gave him a blanket and tea while we waited for the deluge to stop. It did - almost two hours later. I said he was not walking home, that I would drive him. He did not protest. When we got to the end of my goat path of a street there was a small lake where it had been bone dry earlier. Fortunately, my car is equipped to handle that kind of thing. Still, it was something of an adventure.

One thing is for sure. The plants won't need watering for a few days :-)

Babs said...

Oh my gosh MWA, I went upstairs and looked out all the windows looking for a rainbow but did not see one.

Some day I'll tell you why I knew there had to be a rainbow........THANKS for sharing this information. It means a lot to me.

Let me know if you're ever going to be in centro and maybe we can meet in the jardin for a capuchino or something.

Matthew Smith said...

They need to fill the Donald Trump piñata with candy that looks like the poop emoji. Now that would be fun to hit.
Jan in Texas

Anonymous said...

That would be fun, Babs :-) Thanks for the invitation. And I'm glad knowing about the rainbow was a Good Thing. It really was gorgeous.