Monday, August 29, 2016

Zandunga...............on the Road to Jalpa

A week ago, on Sunday, an invitation was extended to me to join a dear friend and guests from Savanna,
Georgia to go to Zandunga to hear Gil Guiterrez and the Media Luna group. 

Eagerly, the invitation was accepted and off we went.  The setup is food, drinks, great seating and superb music.  Gil used to play and tour with Doc Severinsen.  So, its top notch.  His career has been long standing
in and around San Miguel in addition to his touring in the USA.

Everyone who had been there had said it was lovely, enjoyable and the food was delicious.  They were right on every count.

Gil's wife, Rebecca is in charge of the logistics.  Such as having all the seating comfortably placed. Having the bar and food lines set up so there is no back up or lines.  The restrooms were spotlessly clean and as I watched Rebecca, nothing escaped her eagle eye.

We arrived just as the gates opened.  We found some comfortable butterfly chairs where we could people watch and have a direct sight line to the band.  It was astounding to watch the number of people who came.
Equally interesting was that with all those people, it never felt crowded.

 I usually go to events with no expectations.  This venue exceeded any expectations that I could have had for the afternoon.
The road to Jalpa has a slight incline.  We were at about 7200 ft elevation as we sat under the rooftop and looked out at the lush green mountains and the stormy sky.

 The place, since opening in the last year, has been expanded to double its original size.  Plenty of room to move around and visit all the friends that one sees there.
 Our view from the comfort of our butterfly chairs!  Perfect.
 Looking through the shade cloth as one listened to the music, all one could see was lush green country side and the outline of mountains.  What a setting!
 The music was great for dancing with many people jumping up spontaneously and dancing - whether they had a partner or not.

Sorry I did not get a photo of the food.  It was tacos pastor, quesadillas, barbecued chicken wings, chips, salsa and all kinds of additions for the food.  YUM - E.

If you're in the San Miguel area, go.  Google Zandunga, Gil's place and all the information to make arrangements for tickets etc. is on the internet.

Happy Sunday Afternoon.   By the way, thank you AGAIN to my dear friend Nora, for including me in that
delightful afternoon of friendship, music, food and nature.


LynnB said...

We arrived here on Aug.1 for the month; having read about Zandunga, we were eager to attend. We have been every Sunday since we arrived here, we just love it! Special music in a special venue. I will miss it greatly, along with SMA. We go home tomorrow :(

Babs said...

So glad you enjoyed Zandunga Lynn. There are so many great things to do on Sunday out of town now. Andunga, Coyote Flacos, Nirvana and Mansion de la Montitlan for a
great place for a fantastic meal up in Balcones.....

Things are changing faster then I can keep up with them.

Safe travels.

LynnB said...

Barbara, we have done many of them and enjoyed them all! Went to Mansion de la Montitlan for lunch this past Sunday (which is why we didn't make it to Zandunga, lol), and Nirvana for lunch this past Saturday after attending the open house at Galeria Atotonilico. We met Mayor and Susan and had a grand conversation - turns out my husband and Susan grew up near each other in Ohio! We have not been to Coyote Flacos, but we need to save some things for next year. :)