Sunday, June 19, 2016

Traveling from Texas.............

 My intention had been to write a blog with photos of many friends and all the family that I saw while in the Houston area.  Windows 10, on the laptop, had other ideas. Oh, and how did I get Windows 10 - something I DID NOT want.  It downloaded itself while I was in Texas.  Nothing, I mean nothing I tried would stop it.

Yesterday, I wrote the blog talking about the glorious weekend with four of the five grandchildren I spent time with last weekend.  Nope, could not get the photos to post.  I worked for an hour trying all kinds of shenanigans to export the photos, to email the photos, to post the photos and finally in frustration, I deleted the post and turned off the laptop.  The laptop needs the capable and knowledgeable touch of the Computer Guru, Rodrigo to help me.  Some day you'll see all the photos. 
 Luckily, I took these shots out of the window of the plane flying from Houston to Leon, Mexico.

 Somehow I lucked out and had no companion next to me in the two seats!  So, I slid over and looked out the window just to see if I could see the mountains yet and saw these views over a period of about thirty minutes. Exquisitely beautiful.
 The intensity of the shades of color and the juxtaposition of the colors was breathtaking.  If only I could paint.  I would use these photos as a starting point.
 The views were perfect timing.  I had been in the midst of the third largest city in the USA, a bit noisy, crowded and hectic.  The cloud formations and the colors had such a calming effect on me that I instantly recognized how Mother Nature can take one from the stress of an airport to the serenity of the sky.  What a lovely gift!
We did, however, go through quite a lightning and thunder storm as we neared Leon.  I almost never get
nervous in a plane.  After all, back in the late 70's or early 80's, I crash landed in a gopher field near Rawlins, Wyoming in a plane owned by the company that I worked for at the time.  We went through a storm similar to what we experienced Tuesday night.  However, the plane that I crashed in was a Bonanza and this was a plane equal to an A320.  I knew we would be okay.

Lots of reflection in the past few days about all of the family and friend experiences that I had.  Also laughing, now about driving a teeny, tiny Ford Fiesta in Texas - the land of SUVs and Pickup Trucks.  It was very daunting.  About the need for a car and a need for a cell phone if you are in the USA!  It was all an epic episode.

Now that I have returned to the land of manana, where one can walk, not carry a cell phone and be a few minutes late if necessary to meet friends, my blood pressure has dropped.  Ha.

It definitely IS the rainy season.  The gardens are a veritable plethora of blooming flowers along with the continual chirping and singing of birds - day and night.  The hummingbirds are darting, as only they can dart.
Almost at the speed of light.

All in all, it IS good to be home.  But, with the caveat, that I'm so glad I had three weeks in Texas.  Viva Mexico!


Retired Teacher said...

Don't get me started about Windows 10! I just bought a new computer last week, and I am still trying to figure out how to transfer all the files on the external backup on to the new computer.
Beautiful sunset pictures! Glad you had a safe journey home.

Steve Cotton said...

Welcome back home.

As for me, I have had nothing but joy from Windows 10.

Babs said...

Thanks Bill and Steve. It IS good to be back.
Steve, Bill and I need you to come help us with Windows 10. WE are technologically challenged. You are a techie. BIG difference.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Welcome home Barbara. The pictures are amazing... Hope you get Windows 10 sorted soon. Personally I prefer Apple products.

Babs said...

Thanks Peter. If I had to learn a whole new system, I think I would throw the computer in the canyon! Ha..........this too shall pass. I sure am glad to be home, as always.
Thanks for taking time to post. Hugs to you both.

Tancho said...

Beautiful photos, all keepers!

Babs said...

Thanks Tancho! Quite a series .............

Anonymous said...

Bienvenudo a casa!

Your experience with Microsoft makes me like my Mac even more tho'....