Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Week That Was - Easter 2016

Last week is like a blur.  There was so much going on with processions, meeting visitors in town, having Easter celebrations and then...........just sitting in the garden for a while, enjoying all that had gone before.

Easter Sunday dawned early.  The kids arrived and thinking I had the baskets hid really well, Sebastian was
hardly two feet into the garden before he saw them and screamed so loud that I'm sure every neighbor sat straight up in their bed!  Next Matilda saw them and she did the same thing......I was astounded.
                                        This is where the Easter  Bunny found them and hid them outside!
                                              First thing Sebastian did was put his hat on.......then the hunt was on!
                                    John with the children.  They loved their hats/masks and other treats.

No sooner had we scoured the yard for the couple of dozen eggs, played a while and exclaimed about all that was in their baskets, that it was time for them to leave.  Then I scurried around  to change out of my "Grammy" clothes and get ready to meet some friends for lunch.

It is always surprising and delightful to me that blog readers contact me when in town.  Sometimes I'm not available to see them.  When possible, however, it is always a great pleasure to meet.  That was the case
on Sunday afternoon.

Ken Leslie, his partner, Larry Garza and their friend Pat had flown in from Los Angeles for Easter week.  Ken had emailed me a couple of months ago and asked if I could join them for lunch on Easter.  With that much notice, plus the fact that I wanted very much to see Ken and Larry again, it was arranged to get together.

Lunch at Mansion de la Montitlan or as we call it "Gayle's place" (as she is the owner and chef) is always a treat.  Now that it is on Trip Advisor or whatever that thing is called, Gayle is besieged with requests for the one day a week that she serves lunch only in her home. Gayle has a sidekick, Connie, who handles the reservations and seating.   The wait staff is beyond excellent.  On this day, she served 79 people at the 1PM seating and had an equal number coming at 4:30! 

It was like old home week.  There were many friends there that I had not seen in months!  The comment was that having lunch there is like going home for Sunday dinner.  It truly is.

                            Here is one photo looking toward the north on the patio of some of the people
                                               Ken, Larry, myself and Pat.  After the meal!
 What a lovely surprise!  The Easter bunny, aka Larry and Ken, brought See's candy to me with a       chocolate Easter bunny.  No, I've not eaten it yet.  I'm savoring the thought!  You see, chocolate Easter
bunnies are not to be found in San Miguel.  Nor is See's candy.  What a treat.

Last week was chock a block full of fun and surprises.  The crowds left (estimated to be 50,000) on
Sunday while a few have remained this week.  A very few.  They will be gone by Friday, I presume,
as the kids go back to school next week.  Most of the Canadians and other snowbirds are leaving today
or tomorrow.

Yup, the benches will be empty in the jardin next week.  Life will again be muy tranquilo.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

I bet you had the fried chicken at Gayle's... It's always nice to meet up with friends. I sure wish we were part of the tranquilo stuff in San Miguel. We both miss you all a lot!

Cheers, Peter.

Babs said...

Surprise Peter, I did not have the chicken. I had ham and a sweet potato casserole. I admit it was ok, but nothing like the fried chicken..ha.

We miss ya'll too. Sheryl was disappointed that ya'll were gone as I understand you were going to teach she and Don how to use the mandolin in the kitchen.

San Miguel is almost perfect. Add in the people and it makes it perfect, IMHO.

We'll raise out iced tea glasses to ya'll today at lunch!