Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring is coming - Butterflies, Bumblebees, Ladybugs and More!

It is the day that makes one jump out of bed in order to head to the jardin.  No one wants to miss the joyful sight of the kindergartners dressed as all of the above plus lions, tigers, bears and more.

Since Monday is officially the first Day of Spring, according to my Mexican calendar and also a legal holiday since it is also Benito Juarez's Birthday, it was obvious the parade would not be that day.  Why you ask?  Well, because school closed yesterday for the two weeks of celebrations for Semana Santa, Easter.  Mexican families will be leaving to head to the beaches of Mexico and little ones would not be here for the parade.

It took a couple of days of asking many people to determine WHEN the parade was going to be.  I asked various vendors and mothers and even Javier the gardener, yesterday morning.  At 9:20 AM Javier informed me his granddaughter was in the parade and it was starting at 10AM.  A definitive answer, finally!  No one,
absolutely no one previously could give me the determined time!  I was out the gate by 9:30AM.  Last year
I was too late and missed it all.........except for photos of a few stragglers.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll just post photos of the children and one of my friend Jerry Rife and his wife Jan who were walking the parade route prior to its beginning.

What a fun way to start the day. 

One just has to stand and grin and enjoy the innocence of the children along with marveling at the creativity of the parents and teachers, each and every year.

Feliz Primavera!


Retired Teacher said...

Cute pictures!
The school which Alejandro's 5 year old nephew attends also had a spring festival yesterday. The children presented a performance of music and dancing for their parents and relatives in "El Bosque de Aragón", a large park near where they live.

Babs said...

Bill, I wonder if all over Mexico they have celebrations in honor of the beginning of Spring, since so many people are still dependent on crops and the Earth for their livelihood. They certainly are here!

Tancho said...

I didn't catch any photos of you in the parade?

Babs said...

I'm where I need to be Tancho, BEHIND the camera! ha, although someone caught me in the jardin the other day, unexpectedly as I sat on the bench. It was a BIG surprise. It is posted on FB.

Steve Cotton said...

I have often wondered if our local area has something similar. If so, I have never seen it.

Babs said...

These are all kindergartners and a few pre-school. I bet there were 300 kids. Doubtful that even consolidating a few towns that you would have that many kids, so maybe, Steve, you don't. You'll have to ask an abuela or mama. They'll be able to tell you!