Thursday, March 10, 2016

NOT being able to see the FUTURE is a GOOD THING!

I arrived back in San Miguel a month ago today, the 10th of March.

It was a nerve wracking time when I did head back as I was still ill, but hoping I could make the drive, which I did.

The weather for the next ten days looked lovely.  In the high 70's and 80's.  If one has to leave some place as beautiful as the photos below, good weather is imperative.  It never got below the low 70's and was in the high 80's a lot of the time while I was at the beach.  My idea of perfect weather.

I would not have believed, nor could I have imagined that a month later, after rain, hail and the highest winds that were rocking cars that were sitting still, we would awaken on the morning of March 10th to SNOW.

No, I don't mean a dusting, I mean honest to goodness snow that you could make a snowman out of or an angel.

I knew something was radically wrong yesterday when all of a sudden, even before dark, the temperatures dropped at least 30 degrees in a couple of hours.  At 6:30PM it was about 35 degrees F.  I thought "Uh oh".
It was raining, lightning and thundering.  But, truthfully, it never occurred to me that I would awaken to the photos that I saw posted on Facebook this morning of snow in the mountains that surround San Miguel, on cars in parking lots last night and all over this area.

I'm sure if you were to put in your search engine "Snow in Guanajuato, Mineral de Pozos, Leon, Santa Rosa, Mazamitla, Zacatecas, San Miguel de Allende", you will see amazingly beautiful photos.  I just could not stop reposting the photos that friends posted so my friends and family in the USA could see what was happening.

                                          This is a photo taken this afternoon by Todd McIntosh
                                          one of the most amazing photographers in San Miguel.
                                          The Pichacho mountains surrounding San Miguel!

According to the Atencion, the weekly newspaper who posted some photos, this is the third snow ever in San Miguel.  There was snow in  1978, 2009 and 2016.  I missed the snow in 2009 as I was at the beach!

Being one who avoids cold weather and a cold house, my "plan of action" was to bring the coffee pot, the DVD's, the Kindle and the phone to the room that became "Command Central".  It is the smallest room in the house, but will all the needed amenities.  A warming blanket, a heater which keeps the room at about 70, give or take a degree, and the all time tried and true plan of using all the many bed pillows placed up against the bottom of the wall of windows to prevent any drafts since I leave the drapes closed.

It has worked well.  I've gotten to read, drink coffee, talk to friends and watch a movie that I have been trying to find time to see since October or November!

It IS a good thing though as I headed back to San Miguel a month ago no one told me we would have snow, I might have turned the car south instead and headed to Calypso and Anita's house on the southern coast of Oaxaca!

Instead, I'm settled in.  Everything is finally put away and believe me there are heavy duty winter clothes along with a few gauzy spring things both in the closet to wear.  I'm ready, I think, for just about anything!


Retired Teacher said...

That is amazing. The weather is crazy everywhere. Here in Ohio we have had a couple days where the temperature reached 70. Imagine, in the middle of March, we are warmer than you are! Alejandro said that there were very high winds in Mexico City that toppled trees and billboards.
Stay warm. I'm sure that you will soon be back to normal.

living.boondockingmexico said...

Don't tell Croft.

Barbara Lane said...

Oh my gosh. Snow! Wish I could have seen it! Would you be able to link us to the pictures? I've been googling every way I can think of (including how you wrote it) and nothing comes up. Thank you if so. I'd love to see it! Stay warm.

Babs said...

Why? Don't tell Croft? ha.

I saw video of a huge billboard pole and sign falling across three lanes of traffic and smashing cars when it fell from the wind! Hard to believe, Bill. They said over 500 trees were lost!

Barbara, I would just go to and see if they have posted the photos......
I'll see if I can figure it out.

Babs said...

Barbara Lane, I posted a photo taken by Todd McIntosh of the Pichacho mountains outside of San Miguel. I could not get the other photos to transfer.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Well, it looks like we got out of there just in time! Here we have stormy weather and lots of rain, typical Vancouver stuff. Snuggle up in your bedroom and keep that heater pumpng! Tomorrow is lunch at "La Fronterra"!

Unknown said...

Funny, we have friends on the coast that suffered with the storms, huge tides and damage by the wind. We have had rain since our return but last night and today a huge crazy windstorm and heavy heavy rain. Next week the weather gods predict sunshine, ha!!! We will see.
Cheers from the gloomy side of things, hoping for sunshine,

Barbara Lane said...


Scott said...

The weather is a bit crazy up here. Springtime in Texas. A Facebook friend of a friend just went down to SMA and posted about the snow down there. She also has posted about a Magic Town Music Festival the 12th & 13th.

Babs said...

Peter and Shelagh, this weather is highly unusual for this time of the year! Obviously. Thankfully the sun came out late yesterday afternoon and I just peeked out of the curtains and it is bright blue sky and supposed to be warmed up today. By Sunday we'll be back in the 80's, thankfully.

Hope ya'll survive all the rain. I know I could not live in that weather.

Babs said...

Yes Scott, there is an outdoor Music Festival this weekend with a lineup of musicians that I'm not familiar with........Luckily it will be up in the 80's by Sunday! And, the sky is blue and it is sunny outside today, so it will warm up. YEAH.

Droelma said...

Yesterday afternoon a several ton billboard crashed on several cars waiting by a stoplight close to where I live. It almost crushed two of the cars and took the bomberos and other rescue services several hours to free them moving the bill board after cutting it into pieces and slicing through the car roof.
I have been staying in for fear of falling debris, especially glass and will do the same today, since it is still very windy.

Babs said...

I saw the video of that sign rocking and then falling and when it fell on the road on top of the cars! It's hard to believe that many people were not killed.

The winds were so high here as well! Staying in was a good idea.

Here today, the wind is gone, the sun is out and its in the mid 60's or higher.

Glad you're safe and sound........Droelma

Anonymous said...

Though not cold by Boston standards, it's been absurdly cold here by Mexico City standards, with a couple nights in the lower 40's. And as Droelma notes, we've had horrific winds, lots of trees down, and general chaos including a power outage on Thursday.

And building on Bill's comment, Boston has been relatively mild. I think I should have spent last winter.

Oh well, it's still an amazing adventure.


Kim G
CDMX, México
Where the streets are abandoned as folks seek shelter from the wind and cold.

Babs said...

Kim, I have thought of you several times during this winter. It was 31F here this morning. I'm SO ready for this to be OVER. It's March for goodness sake........

I'm SO glad you are still enjoying your adventure!

Unknown said...

Maybe May in SMA will be chilly or on the cool side. That would be nice climate change.

Babs said...

Small Potatoes, I will gladly take warm or even hot weather, but NO MORE chilly or on the cool side.......this year! I'll be in Houston for a month starting in mid-May, so please have perfect weather too! ha.