Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The "Gypsy Kids" are Growing Up!

Many years ago when granddaughter Matilda was born and then Sebastian two years later, I dubbed them "the Gypsy Kids".  You see Matilda was born in Mexico, in Celaya to be exact, then she, her mom and my son, John, her Dad, left for first Colorado then Texas.

And, ultimately, when Sebastian was almost one after being born in Colorado, they returned to Mexico, much to my surprise and, of course, delight.

That was five years ago!  My how time flies.  Matilda turned eight last Friday and Sebastian turned six on the 4th of January while he, his sister and Mom were at Club Med in Ixtapa, so I don't have photos of his birthday although I heard it was lots of fun.

Last Friday on Matilda's birthday there was going to be a party, but everyone, including most of her friends, were sick, so all was cancelled except for cake, presents and food here at their Dad's house.

Here are a few cute photos to share:
                                                         Making a wish.
                                       Surprise, the cake was chocolate and vanilla
                               Who knew that sunglasses could make a little girl so happy?
                                       Oh my gosh roller skates with three wheels?
                                              And, Sebastian got a rubber dart gun......
                                  Getting on the skates to go try them outside.  And, yipppee, they were lots of fun...........................         Yup, the Gypsy Kids ARE growing up!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Happy birthday Matilda and Sebastian!

Steve Cotton said...

It has been interesting watching them grow.

Babs said...

Thanks Peter and Steve. Steve you have been around since the beginning! It certainly has been an adventure.......

Peter, for some reason your comment did not appear in my Yahoo Mail! Weird. I just now saw it. Thanks, I'll pass your wishes on to Mati and Seb!