Saturday, January 23, 2016

Steve and Barco at Home in the Casa with No Name

In all the hullabaloo of writing about the place I'm staying......I have not found time to write about Steve Cotton's gracious invitation to see his new home........the casa with no name.

I was impressed and awed by the attention to detail along with the use of materials and finishes.

It all begins at the street before one enters.  That sets one up to know that the architecture is Mexican Contemporary and plants the seed to want to see inside.  Unfortunately I did not get a good photo as across from the house is a goat field and I did not want to plant my feet on a goat hill, so to speak..
 So, I took these photos, but when standing back and seeing all the details and lines, it is apparent that it is something unique.

 As you enter the beautiful wood front doors, this is the view.  The pool and angles everywhere.
 Then the house begins to reveal itself.  Everything has a purpose or leads to something else.  The planter in the photo above is actually a natural privacy screen in front of one of the four bedrooms.
A clever solution.
 Looking to the north there are beautiful huge coconut trees to be seen with a bit of a view of the satellite tower.  All the living at present is on the first level which is where the living room, kitchen and four bedrooms are located.  On the second floor are four pavilions that at some point will be furnished or turned into more rooms.  Clever.
I think the kitchen is the piece de resistance!  It is evident that the architect was superb at space planning, being innovative and creative with a narrow long space that mirrors the same size space
as the living room does across the courtyard.
 All the shelving behind the unobtrusive doors is adjustable.  A kitchen designed by a woman architect.

 The view from the second floor.  That machine on top of the roof is a solar water heater.
 Here are the coconut trees!  Majestic as always.  And now I realize that I did not get photos of the living room or the bathrooms which were also a well designed and appointed rooms.  The best photo of all though, was the photo of Steve and his new companion, Barco Rubio.  What a joyful, rambunctious creature he is for Steve to enjoy.  It was a fun adventure to see the home that Steve finally chose.  A very, very good choice in my opinion.  Both the house and the dog!


jennifer rose said...

Beautiful house, handsome puppy. I just can't imagine Lic. Algodon with any other breed.

Dan in NC said...

LUV the pic of Steve and Rubio , but remember the olde adage, that "owners look like their pets". What happens to poor Rubio if the reverse is true? LOL! Great photos, and story. Cheers!

Tancho said...

Great photos Babs, love the picture of Barco, Steve is going to have his hands full, even more as the little puppy grows up.

Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara!

Sorry I've been unable to keep up with your blog: too many adventures here in Mexico City. But thanks for sharing Steve's house, and more importantly, giving a professional's critique of the place. It looks lovely, lush, and luxe, and wonderful combination for a beach/retirement house. If I ever get a place here in DF, maybe you can come and help me decorate it some day, haha.


Kim G
DF, México
Where today may well be the first really quiet day.

Babs said...

Glad to be able to share Steve's new digs with all along with thephoto of he and Barco!

Kim, I'm SO glad you're thinking of DF instead of Zacatecas............I would love to come see your place whenn you get one!

Steve Cotton said...

And I was glad that you could share some time at the house. It is a place to be shared.

Bonnie G said...

Wow, beautiful home and gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing these - they are inspiring.