Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Going "backwards" in a "forward" line.

The morning started out dreary, cloudy and cold.  I had made up my mind that today was the day to go to Celaya.  What that means is Walmart, Home Depot and Costco.

I had been diligently making a list for several days.  It covered items needed for the guest house that I have discovered need to be replaced or fixed.  It included some groceries.  It included items to see if I could find
for the grandchildren for Christmas and then, as always items this time of the year for son's birthday.

This list covered THREE pink post-it notes.  Now that is a serious list.  Added to that, I had a recipe for
yellow squash casserole so I could pick up the rest of those ingredients to finish up the recipe.  And, a little
side note to remind myself to not only get gas before heading out, but also to get minutes in my cell phone.

In other words, a busy morning of "to do's".  The first two came off without a hitch.

As I walked into Walmart and reached in my bag for my list.  OMGosh, no list.  I came to a stand still which made the "Walmart greeter" look at me strangely, so I pulled myself together, sorta, and headed down an aisle, any aisle just to walk calmly trying to remember the stuff on the list.

I walked most of the store and of course, saw a few things not on the list, like duct tape and did not find the #1 thing on the list A-23 batteries for the wireless doorbell.  Aaargh.

After finishing up, I stopped at the counter where they stamp your parking ticket so you can get a discount for shopping at Walmart.  I promptly unloaded everything into the car and headed to the gate where you put your card in the machine and as I did so, I realized as the gate did not go up, that I had not paid the 3 pesos at the big payment booth outside the mall.

OMGosh, there were three people behind me in line in their cars.  What to do?  I could smash through the wooden gate, a thought which did actually cross my mind........or I could hand motion to the person behind me to back up which caused him and the others to eventually understand that we ALL had to back up so I could go pay 3 pesos, about 18 cents!  As always, everyone was polite...........thankfully.

I did go pay the 3 pesos and headed off to Home Depot where I had purchased the door bells to see if they possibly had the A-23 batteries.  Nope, nada.   The joys of shopping in Mexico!

I'm already worn out looking for things that were on my now non-existent list and head for Costco.

The store was packed.  It was like a weekend day!  But, I stuck to my non-existent list and was out of there in record time.  Could not find the ever elusive basic crock pot that I've looked for for at least a year nor several other things.  I will resort to the internet.

As I arrived back here at the guest house, there on the dining room table was my list!  At least I could take time to look at it and see how much I did not remember to get.  Believe it or not, I only forgot chicken broth.

I'm totally amazed.

I felt a siesta coming on...........too much excitement for one day!  Ha.........


Steve Cotton said...

I can empathize too well with The List syndrome.

Unknown said...

It is amazing how many times Peter and I leave the list sitting on our kitchen island. What is even worse is forgetting the item you actually went to the grocery store for.
Cheers from across the patio!

Michael Dickson said...

Maybe this will work.


Droelma said...

I am more delighted than usual to read today's post. It just proves to me that I am not alone.
Tuesday was " Dia de plaza " at Soriana. I go there every two weeks because I can get vegetables that are not always available at the mercado, like camotes/sweet potatoes, shallots or different lettuces.
I usually make a list on Monday evening to get ready for the next day's shopping. I would say that maybe 20% of the time I forget the list even though I have a back-up system. One is a sign taped on the inside of my front door that just says " LIST !!! ".It has helped, but not as much as I wanted.
So, once again I was without a list on Tuesday, but like you I only forgot one thing ( #1 and underlined as the most important on the list ) I forgot butter. But since I walk almost 40 minutes to the super and it would cost me 25-30 pesos to take a taxi home, I'll drizzle my bread with EVO this week.
Also, what is going on with batteries ? I ordered a fancy German brand digital kitchen scale for my pre-Christmas birthday and it came without a battery. Hard to believe considering the brand and the price. I have been to more than 20 places and no one has even heard of a battery like this ( like a watch battery, but the size of a 2 peso coin ). A friend in Paris has found them easily there and four batteries are crossing the atlantic as I type this.
Good luck with your batteries !

Babs said...

Steve, obviously we are NOT alone! Read the rest of the comments........ha

Shelagh - It is so irritating to FORGET a list. Worse is when you lose it....and
have NO WAY of knowing what you can't remember, ha.

Felipe! MIL GRACIAS.........

Droelma - I just had a battery discussion in the jardin this morning. Someone looking for a round special battery for her camera. I told her to go to the Watch repair place and see if possibly they might have one! One MUST get creative here on this stuff.......I guess the idea of having the word, LIST on the inside of the front door is a good one! I'll give that some thought.......

Happy pre-Christmas birthday greetings. My son's birthday is the 19th and he is a true Saggitarius.............

Droelma said...

I have been to markets, watch repair places, little stands outside of various Metro stations, the Centro Historico, have contacted Mercado Libre sellers...and nothing.
Now I am just waiting every day for the postman. I have promised him a tip if he puts everything that comes from abroad ( should not be much ) into my hand, instead of just throwing it through the gate.

My birthday is next Monday, the 14th. I am not exactly sure what it means, but have been told quite a few times that I am a true Saggitarius also.....o).

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, forgotten list syndrome. The cure? Make a list which includes the list itself. Problem solved. Hahaha.... if it were only so easy.

I've taken to making the lists on my smartphone, which is always at my side. But it's a bit of a pain compared to jotting things on paper.

However, I'd imagine that there must be places in SMA where they sell chicken broth. It's not like Droelma's battery problem. In SMA you'd be sheer out of luck with that one, as apparently she is there in DF.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where the worst thing is bringing the list to the store and still forgetting something.

Joan said...

Well...first there is forgetting the list, then there is bringing the list and forgetting to look at it
and then there is bringing the list and looking at it and forgetting to get something on it. AND
the big sign LIST on the door or wherever I will not notice in my rush to get out to get things on
my list or no list, as it may turn out. Not to mention I could've taken you on a tour of my former
mother-in-laws basement where there were many things saved including 3 or 4 crockpots she
had received over the years!
I'm sure she would have been very happy to give you any or all of them, as she tried to do with us!

Babs said...

Kim, I mentioned to friends yesterday that I was looking for chicken broth and they told me of a special store that carries it! So, I'll go there and buy it from the meantime, my excitement about making a squash casserole has waned!

Joan, HILARIOUS comment. NOW I know where all the crockpots are located.......sheesh, if only I had contacted your former mother-in-law about the crockpots in her basement! "Funny"

Babs said...

Droelma, hopefully your batteries will arrive soon and have a joyful birthday on the 14th!

Scott said...

You friend Joan has pretty much summed up all list scenarios. I've swapped paper lists in favor of phone notes/lists. Even so, calamities still do occur.

Feliz Navidad.

crynoutloud said...

Nothing is worse than having your list but forgetting your glasses. That hurts.

Babs said...

Scott, Feliz Navidad to you as well. I don't have a phone with notes/lists so I still do post it notes! I should stick them to my forehead I've decided, ha.

Babs said...

Crynoutloud, I've learned to have a pair of reading glasses in each person and both upstairs and downstairs! Sheesh......oh and two pairs in the car! I'm virtually, at this point, safe on that issue.