Sunday, November 01, 2015

Day of the Dead and Halloween photos from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The town is hoppin'.  THAT is an understatement.  Even the taxi drivers are grumbling because it is so hard for them to get around.

I was out bright and early yesterday morning since the sun was out too.  Got a few photos of decorated stores and buildings.

On Thursday I bought armloads of cock's comb that are a deep magenta color and the marigolds which are another name in Mexico, but I know I won't spell the name correctly, so there you go, they are marigolds.

I've spread them around the house but have not completed my altar as yet so you'll have to wait for the photos of that.

It has been so hectic that I'm behind on a zillion things.

Then yesterday was Halloween.  When I first moved here it was a non-holiday.  Not celebrated down here at all.  Now the kids go into the jardin to receive candy from the gringoes who show up with bags of it to
give out.

No way to get around in a car so I jumped in a taxi and headed to the jardin to see Mati and Sebastian.
 They had already scoured the area for free candy.  Mati even met three little Mexican girls who did not have much candy.  She decided to share hers with them.  Seb was so worried that when she got home she would be sorry.  Sweet thing to see.  Note Sebastian's tall hat.  When he would go up to people to trick or treat, he would use his hat as the receptacle, then make a big show of flipping the hat onto his head with the candy still inside.  It gave a lot of people a good chuckle.
There were people everywhere.  Tourists galore watching all the activities.  Then in the middle of all of this, two wedding parties arrived.  I tried to get photos, but my camera went crazy and all I got were streaks.  They got out of their Mercedes limos and walked up to the Parroquia.  There are a lot of weddings in San Miguel - all weekend long, hour by hour.  When I looked at the webcam last night about 10PM, the crowds were shoulder to shoulder.  Just packed.  Walking around talking and visiting.  Amazing.
And, here is the last photo.  John, Matilda and Sebastian acting silly while I took a photo of them.  Fun times.

Today locals will be at the cemeteries to complete the cleaning of the gravesites.  Putting flowers on them and getting ready to return tomorrow for Day of the Dead.  Today honors the children and those who have died this year.  Tomorrow is for the others.

There is a huge catrina parade tonight from the Rosewood Hotel to the jardin for more fun and frivolity.  I've never seen it but I hear it has grown a lot in the last four or five years since it was started.

My intention is to go to the cemeteries today and tomorrow to photograph and to see all the altars set up in the jardin to honor those who have crossed over.

Whew, its a spiritual and happy time in Mexico!  Wish you were here.


Life's a Beach! said...

Wish I was there! What beautiful photos and grandkids! Looking forward to your photos of altars.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

The grandkids look great! I will look for a link to the jardin webcam!

Babs said...

Peter, the address for the webcam is: Hope that works. I just took it off the net.

Babs said...

Beck, you can also put in on the search window and see all the altars from past years all over Mexico, I think. I haven't tried it. Hopefully that works.....

jennifer rose said...

Who was answering your gate when the trick-or-treaters came calling on your street? Please don't tell me you're one of those who wasn't at home.

Retired Teacher said...
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Retired Teacher said...

I have the same problem with the Mexican (or should I say Aztec) name for the marigold. I recognize it when I see it, but don't expect me to say it or spell it. LOL
I arrive in D.F. tonight, so I will miss the celebration. But hopefully some of the decorations and "ofrendas" will still be in place.
¡Hasta pronto!

Babs said...

Jennifer, in the past 15 years, there has never been a child to knock on my gate. No trick or treaters up here on the hill. They all go to the jardin for candy!

Bill, safe travels! I'm sure there will be lots of decorations and ofrendas left to
see tonight! Enjoy.