Saturday, September 12, 2015

What do you DO all day?

If I had ten pesos for each time someone asks me that question, I would be able to take a cruise to Tahiti.....well, somewhere.  It is usually someone in the USA's retort when I say I'm retired in Mexico.

I typically say, "As little as I can get away with!" and then they sorta laugh.  Little do they know it is the truth.

Take today.  I LOVE Saturdays.  It is one of the few days that I don't have to get up quickly out of bed to take care of a myriad of tasks.  Such as call the gas company, make sure the water man is coming, let Velcro the cat in, let Velcro the cat out.  Get things ready for Josefina and get the idea. 

Except today the doorbell rang at 8AM!  WHAT!  I started not to get my socks and robe on and go upstairs, then thought better of it, because I could not imagine who would be ringing the doorbell on a Saturday morning at that hour.  Just about the time I got up the stairs, I heard "Aqua-water" and knew it was the water man on an odd day and I didn't need any.  Well, by now, wide awake, what the heck, get up and get going.........slowly.

Made coffee - let the cat in - settled in the chair that I meditate in and about thirty minutes later was ready for some chores.  I grabbed the clippers, paper towels and windex and headed to the roof.  I never mind putzing in the gardens.  I had trimmed things just the other day in the lower garden and main garden but had not gotten to the roof terrace yet.  I trimmed and plucked along with cleaning the two glass top tables on the roof as I felt like with the beautiful weather, I would spend time up there today.  I did.

After pruning and cleaning, I got my book, my cd player and a bit more coffee and headed back to read for a while.  I always stop intermittently to watch the butterflies, the hummingbirds and the cloud formations.  A stellar day.   The high temp was about 75F with a soft gentle breeze.

Fixed a light lunch - shared chicken with Velcro - and then headed for the downstairs patio to read and watch a huge amount of butterflies feeding on the flowers and dipping into the bird bath for water.

Seriously, could life get any better then this? 

I've been reading some excellent books.  The Good Earth by Pearl Buck was extraordinary, even though it was written a long, long time ago.  Now I'm reading A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.  I had never heard of this book but my son gave it to me to read.  It  is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel about an odd man in New Orleans.  Very different.  Very.

The day has been a combination of good music, great weather, a good book and solitude.  Ahhh, life is good.  And, what do I do all day?  It's true, as little as I can get away with! 

How about you?


Charles said...

Your day mirrors mine...except I have a siestita most afternoons...somehow I manage to keep busy and the time just seems to fly by...I totally love my life in decision I ever made!

Babs said...

Ahh, Charles, I failed to mention my dozing off while reading this afternoon! The warmth of the air and the sound of the breeze in the pine trees, just does me in. I too try to siesta daily, even if it is only for 20 minutes.

I agree, it is the best decision I ever made. Total contentment.....

sparks_mex said...

I have a list a mile long of "need to do's" but it been too warm to do much of it. I did clean a roof section yesterday and soon will be giving it a second coat of impermeabilizante.

Later Nahima will have her birthday party here and use the pool

Babs said...

Sparks, there are ALWAYS "need to dos". I have a list as well, but yesterday was just such a perfect day - highs in the mid 70's that I just had to enjoy it.

Today is blustery and rainy. So glad I spent the day outside yesterday.

Happy Birthday to Nahima! How many years?

sparks_mex said...

5 .... we just bought a candle in the shape of the number five