Monday, September 07, 2015

A Rip Roarin' 87th Birthday!

We knew it would not be dull.  It never is when Mz. Dogie Lou is around.  And, today was her 87th birthday.

She has not been around much.  Not at the Koffee Klatch for months nor at our Friday lunches.  So an email was sent telling her there were no excuses good enough for her to miss her birthday.

We ALL held our breaths to see if she would show up.  The balloons were blown up and attached to the chairs, the carrot cake from Casa Feliz was acquired and we waited.

All arrived at 11AM on the dot.  No Dogie Lou or Frank.  By 11:15 I was getting ready to roll up the balloons and cut the cake.  I should have known she would want to make an "entrance".  And she did in her usual dazzling style.

Below are the rip roaring photos of about 16 of us laughing, drinking cappuccinos and reveling in the fact that this woman we all care about so much, still has the same spunk and silliness........even at the ripe old age of 87.

 Francisco, the head waiter at Don Tomas was thrilled to see Dogie and they embraced and smiled.
                                                Frank, her husband, and friends, Suzy and Bill
                                                               More of the group
                                                           Dogie and Frank, a beautiful couple
                                                               My son, John and Dogie. 
                                                           Her favorite birthday card!

                                    Francisco brought her favorite drink.  chocolate frappucino........
        But, that didn't stop her from clowning around with the champagne she received as a gift.
                                  Two young musicians from South American serenaded Mz Dogie.
And, of course, before we left to go to lunch, Dogie grabbed a couple of balloons and acted silly.  Much to Frank's embarrassment.  Dogie's comment was something to the effect that by this age, she could do whatever she wanted to do.  Indeed Dogie.  Indeed.


Billie Mercer said...

I love this story. And she looks amazing. What an example for all of us.

Babs said...

Dogie is definitely one in a million. She and Frank have been married 46 years, I believe. She was 41, he was 24. Love all the tales they can tell about their lives together......

She is an example of a woman who did it her way! I adore her.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow! She's a fire cracker. I hope that at her age I will look that good, minus the balloons...

Babs said...

Dogie is definitely a firecracker, Peter. Never a dull moment when she is around.