Saturday, August 22, 2015

Donald Trump - An "Unconscious Incompetent"

This will be my one and only political blog post.  I just cannot sit back and keep my mouth closed about inaccuracies that I have heard said in the last few weeks.

Back in the days when I was part of the business world, I would know men like Trump.  They were bullies with big egos.  However, even though I knew many, few were as incompetent with facts as Trump.  Note, I don't dignify him by using the term Mr.  His ego is so big, that he doesn't even know that he doesn't know what he is talking about - hence an "unconscious incompetent".  

Just last evening as I scanned the channels and came upon his speech in Alabama, it was horrifying to realize that all he was doing was rehashing all the businesses and people who he says "Are incompetent losers and not worth talking about".  However, of course, he did.  From Macy's to ESPN, to, well you get the idea.

He then rehashed all his accomplishments, how smart he is, how much money he has, ad nauseum.

BUT when he gets to illegal immigration, which evidently was what the people from Alabama wanted to hear about, his facts were all skewed.

For one thing, there are more Mexicans returning to Mexico then are going to the USA!  Don't believe me, do some research.

For another, the major majority of people crossing the border are from Central America - not Mexico.  The political unrest and danger in some of the countries such as Honduras and El Salvador is fueling the exodus.

AND, surprisingly, if you look at the latest research that I read yesterday, there are more immigrants coming from India and Africa and South Korea then south of the border!  Surprise.

Trump also talked about the newborn babies being born to illegals.  He said, "NO other country gives citizenship to a baby born in their country".  Sorry to disappoint you Trump, but not true.  I don't know about all the countries in the world, but Mexico gives citizenship to any baby born in their country immediately.

How do I know that?  My granddaughter, Matilda, was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico.  She had immediate Mexican citizenship.  Once the documentation was supplied to the American Consulate in Mexico City, she also has her American citizenship.  She is a dual citizen!

The other subject, in Trump's plan is to withhold remittances going back to Mexico.  This is a ludicrous statement.  Remittances go back to help the workers' families.  Most people I know do not have bank accounts so they send it via Western Union or some service such as that.  Actually, remittances are the largest revenue coming into Mexico.  Even ahead of oil revenue and tourism.  How could the money earned by the workers be held by the US government?  It sickens me.

I remember when the Berlin Wall was built.  People were aghast and horrified that one group of people would not be able to see friends and family for fear of reprisals and possibly death.  As a little girl, I couldn't believe that people would be so cruel.  And now, today, we have a person running for President who would do that very thing for 2000 miles.  Wouldn't that money be better spent repairing the infrastructure of our country, the USA?

Now this is really going to shock you.  Why not just open the border?  There would be a natural ebb and flow.  Most Mexicans WANT to come home to see family and friends.  Many do.  I drive back and forth to the border frequently.  Just last week I saw a car with Georgia plates loaded to the ground.  It was a family of pickers coming home after the summer picking season.

This whole thing, the racism, the bigotry, the attacking hard working people from other countries is an embarrassment to me as an expat.  I live in Mexico where I never experience anything but generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness from the people and yes, even the government.

When a resident of Mexico asks me what I think of Trump, I am tongue tied with embarrassment that I come from the same country as that man.  I try to explain that there is a very, very small percentage of people who feel as he does.  AND, that I certainly AM sorry for the things he says about this beautiful country.

Hopefully, as some pundits say, he will "flame out""  I sincerely hope that is true.


sparks_mex said...

Right on Babs

Retired Teacher said...

Couldn't agree with you more!

Charles said...

Beautiful...thanks for speaking what so many of us feel about this horrible man...I am still stunned by the numbers who support him...

Life's a Beach! said...

It's hard to believe he has such a following. He's playing to the lowest common denominator of his party, inflaming them with the immigration issue. Can you imagine his finger on the button? And yes, what an embarrassment. I don't think Mexicans realize he's largely viewed as a buffoon in the U.S.

Retired Teacher said...

So, Barbara, have you seen any Trump piñatas in the "mercados"? I read that they are becoming quite popular in Mexico.

Joan said...

REALLY good post today. It brought tears to my eyes.

Babs said...

Thanks all. I hesitate to get into political or religious discussions, but I made an exception today. Glad ya'll appreciated it.

Just wait, I'm getting ready to write a few more zingers, but not about politics.
Stay tuned! I don't have this red hair for nothing...........ha.

Cat in KC MO said...

I too agree with everything you said Babs. As a person who has been involved with unlawful immigrants (most from México) for many years, I can tell you that all of the people I have been associated with pay taxes to the government on any money they earn just like the rest of us do. However, because most of them are using fake social security numbers, they will NEVER receive a drop of any money they should have received when they file their taxes. They will receive a notice saying that their number is not recognized and of course they will not try to fight the government on that issue. So this government keeps thousands and thousands of tax dollars every year that has been overpaid by unlawful immigrants. It is my opinion that the government already “holds” enough of their money.

I also believe that we should just open the border, and I would love to be one of the people to help tear down those walls!


Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado said...

Lord YES! Trump is an unconcious incompetent. I too have cried FOUL:
The lies and hatred spewing from his mouth are unpardonable. I agree the borders should be open - all this Homeland Security blah, blah, blah is designed to create fear. And I am sorry to say it, but fear is taking us down.

Anonymous said...

What's truly amazing is that many people simply don't want to hear the truth, as it conflicts with their preconceived notions about immigration or whatever. For example, over 40% of illegal immigrants fly into the USA on tourist visas and then overstay them. No amount of wall-building will solve that problem. The number one source of illegal immigrants today? China! And yes, you are right about net Mexican migration; it's actually negative with more Mexicans flowing back into Mexico than into the USA.

As for wall-building, I've long thought that if the USA wants a wall, it should offer to construct one on Mexico's southern border. Since it's much shorter, it would be *WAY* cheaper to build, and due to the flow of central Americans, more to the point anyway. Not that I'm much in favor of wall-building, but a southern Mexico wall makes much more sense than a southern USA wall. But any wall can be scaled anyway. I've seen numerous photos of narcos using catapults to hurl drugs across existing walls on the USA border. And Mexico's most famous trafficker has a certain reputation as a tunnel-builder. How's a wall going to stop that?

As for stopping remittances, that idea is a complete legal rat's nest, never mind the ethical problems. How does the government determine if some transaction is a remittance? On what legal basis does it stop it? How does it avoid fouling the cash flows of legitimate businesses? How does this not create an ocean of new regulatory red tape? (something Republicans are supposedly against?) Seems like an entirely unworkable idea.

Still, I can't help but view the whole Trump phenomenon with a great deal of amusement. He's got the Republican leadership in fits. He's sucked all the air out of the room for the rest of the Republican candidates. And I highly doubt that he can win a national election as he polls rather poorly against Hillary, not to mention that there are maybe a handful of non-whites (at best) who would be willing to vote for him.

Still, his popularity is not based on his positions, per se. Rather his popularity reflects the fact that people across the political spectrum are completely fed up with the corrupt status quo, where special interests fund their candidates, and get favors in return. Meanwhile the legitimate business of the people is completely ignored. Read the NY Times' latest editorial "The Trucks Are Killing Us," to get a clear view of exactly how this is happening.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where there's not a lot of support for Trump.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I've long thought that if we had pursued "regime change" in Central America with the same vigor that we have in the Mideast, that we'd have some really big dividends in terms of the immigration problem, the gang problem, and greater opportunities for business? Right? If we could install a working democracy in Honduras and El Salvador that actually responded to the needs of the people, we'd be able to shut down a lot of the immigration, and round up and jail all the MS13 and MS18 gang members too. And I imagine that it'd be *much* cheaper than our adventures in Iraq.

But that makes too much sense, so it's not going to happen.

Babs said...

Let me say, that I so enjoy and appreciate all of you taking time to comment. It's why I write this blog. Because if all I did was throw my opinions out there without any response, it is like a smoke ring. It just disappears.

Cat, your comments are very insightful and helpful. It is estimated that billions have been paid in taxes and into SS by immigrants with no thought of ever receiving any benefits. In addition, it is a cash society. They save up to buy a car, buy a house and everything else. They have a great impact on the USA economy in a positive way.

I'm thrilled that you and Joanne both agree that opening the border would be beneficial.

Babs said...

Kim, some interesting comments. I have never heard of immigrants flying into the USA - especially 40%. Most pay coyotes anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 to get across. They save for years and work for years to take a bus near the border, meet the coyotes and hope to succeed.

I don't believe in walls anywhere so I don't agree with the wall at the southern border. The people of those countries are trying to escape being killed by the administrations that were helped to be in place by the US government! Truly.

Anyway, it is a sad and interesting phenomena........hopefully I'll not live long enough to see another Trump to run.

Cat in KC MO said...

Kim is right that a big percentage of immigrants, particularly from México, fly here on visitors visas AND also student visas. Unless they have changed the “rules,” those who overstay those visas can become lawful residents IF they do not return to México at any time before having an immediate family member, who has to be a legal resident or U.S. citizen, file a petition for them to get their legal residency. It is a long, difficult and expensive process that this country makes millions of dollars on each and every year.

Babs said...

Cat, thanks for enlightening me. My ex son-in-law was in the US on a student visa from Jordan. He married my daughter with the thought that that would make the prospect of legal residency a shorter and faster process. It took almost five years, if my recollection is correct, along with many dollars and many hours of red tape. It was an eye opening experience..........

Droelma said...

I agree with you 100% and hope this guy self least politically.

Even though I have no dog in this fight, I still worry, because I think of the damage this guy could do not only to America.

I wonder why no one has ever asked him what he plans to do with the millions ( fewer I admit, but still a fair amount ) of undocumented people who are not from Latin America and who do not enter the US via Mexico?
There are literally people from all countries illegally in the US. How is a wall going to keep them out ?
Why has no one ever brought it up and asked him. Right now it sounds as if all undocumented workers are from Mexico or Latin America.

Also, how is he going to pay for all this? He plans to cut taxes, but without tax revenue how is he going to ship all those immigrants home ? How is he going to fund ( at least initially ) a better health program ? How is he going to pay to have the biggest, strongest and most feared army on this planet ? Definitely not with the money that no longer comes in after the tax cuts.

Also, has he ever even check into what happened to those who built walls to keep people out or their own people in. While I am impressed with the Chinese wall I also know that the dynasty that built it disappeared within historically speaking a short time.
The Berlin Wall was built by communists and within 25 years communism as we knew it during the cold war area has disappeared.
Does Trump really want to make " America strong again " by building a wall on their southern border that will most likely be compared to the Berlin Wall and not to the Chinese one ? And how does that make America popular again ?
I lived for ten years within 1 km of the Berlin Wall and lived through the difficulties caused by the wall and fence surrounding Berlin and keeping the two halves of Germany apart and would never ever be in favor of a wall anywhere, no matter the reason and no matter who paid for it. IMO building a wall to keep people in is a crime against humanity. Other solutions have to be found to existing problems.

I also get upset ( and I saw all his interviews and speeches ) about the lies he makes up as he goes. Just one example: He said that there are many international university graduates that are kicked out of the US after they graduate, because they can't stay. This is untrue. I graduated from a good ( actually from two ) US universities and since I have a somewhat unusual career in Humanitarian Aid ( Community Nutrition & Disease Control & Epidemiology ) I not only was not kicked out, but was
offered a job by eight different agencies and organizations and am not an exception . I wonder why no one fact checks ?

I tell myself every day to not get upset about all this, because Trump surely can't win, because the American people know better, are smarter and deserve much better than him and know so. But then I think " what if " ?
I also would like to sit down with Trump to do some math. I'd like to show him what a head of lettuce costs once he is president, or a pound of tomatoes, or some red peppers, because he plans to fill all those agricultural jobs with Americans who really want to work in that field ( really ? ) paying them more than minimum wage. And while I agree that people who do this kind of back braking labor should get paid better, I also ask if Mr. Trump is really prepared to sell a 7.- dollar head of lettuce, or a 6.- dollar pound of tomatoes to his people ?

Anonymous said...

Cat: I don't have the statistics on where the 40% of visa over-stayers come from, but I highly doubt it's Mexico, as most Mexican illegals cross the border illegally. But the illegal Chinese? Brazilians? Eastern Europeans? They've got to come here on planes, and that requires a visa. So by definition, none of those folks could have been kept out with a wall.

Frankly, if the USA and Mexico somehow merged as a country, i.e., Mexico became the 51st state or the 51st through the 81st (Mexico already has 31 states), there'd probably be a big migration both ways. Lots of Americans would likely move south and plenty of Mexicans would move north. Would this generate a crisis in either country? Probably not.

Perhaps I didn't make this clear in my earlier comments, but is illegal immigration even a problem? While I do believe that we all need to observe the law, that aside, I don't think any of these politicians who are so anti-immigrant have ever demonstrated any factual harm that comes from it. In short, it's a bit of a tempest in a teakettle.

But America seems to have gone off the rails in any number of ways, this absurd focus on illegal immigration being only one (sadly minor) example. How about all the super-important issues like the demographic time bomb? The fiscal sustainability of the Federal Gov't (which ties closely to the demographic time bomb)? The pathetic state of public education? The fact that the police are gunning down people with impunity? The endless state-sponsored spying on innocent Americans?

If we could solve all those problems, then I'd think we had time to worry about illegal immigration. But it's far down the list of problems, if it even is one.

Droelma said...

I can't imagine that 40 %, or even less, off the the people who end up illegally in the US get there by plane.
I have no statistics to back up my opinion, just my own experience and a bit of logic.

In order to get a visa to the US a Mexican needs a Mexican passport ( not cheap for the typical under priviledged undocumented worker), money to pay the very high US visa fees, have a steady job, preferably their own home and car and money in the bank that goes beyond living from paycheck to paycheck.
Almost all those who illegally cross the border live on less than 100.- pesos a day, or have no job at all, have no bank account, do not own their own home and therefore are not even allowed to apply for a visa that might allow them to at least enter the US legally. This also applies in the last years to those who are analphabets or virtual analphabets.

People who qualify are usually people who do not want/need to work illegally in the US. I am sure there are some who do so for their own reasons, but the majority who applies for a visa are those who return after a visit.

I have recently heard from a Mexican immigration lawyer that more than 30% of those who apply for a visa , even though they fulfill all requirements are turned down. Much leeway is given to those in the embassy who receive the visa applications for personal interpretation and decisions making.
His own brother was recently turned down ( also a lawyer ) , because he is past retirement age, only works on selected cases and because they have a mutual sister in Beaumont, Texas even though he more than qualified. He was glad he was given a reason, because the visa people are not required to do so. And btw: once the visa fee is paid, it is not refunded, even if the person is turned down.

Barbara Lane said...

Bravo for this!!!

Cat in KC MO said...

Kim, I don’t know the percentages either, but I do know more than one Mexican who has crossed the border unlawfully. Some are able to get fake IDs that somehow get them through the checkpoint and others literally cross the Rio Grande and then hike across the desert until they are out of border patrol range.

And Droelma, you are right on. People from México pay the U.S. government thousands of dollars each and every year applying for visas and there are NO refunds whether a visa is granted or not!

Babs said...

Droelma, Cat and Kim along with others, your comments have been very enlightening with information I was not aware of.

I agree with you Kim that illegal immigration is NOT a number one priority in the USA. So many other serious issues to address. Give citizenship to the 11 million and be done with it. They have contributed much to the USA, now reward them. Well that comment ought to start a firestorm.

I was shocked this weekend to read the law in Alabama against Mexicans and so called "Illegals". How horrifying. It reminds me of the 50's and all the crap against the blacks. Why do some people have to always find someone to hate? Hmmmm.

Droelma, your information and comments were very thought provoking. You have walked the walk as a student from Germany who now resides in Mexico. Your perspective is very helpful.

Interestingly, only one really attacking comment has been written by someone who is named Jeff. He started out by referring to me as a "liberal Democrat" and all my "liberal Democrat friends". Then he launched a salvo at our President and then the attack on Hillary began. Honestly, I wish it would post on the blog for all to read. For some reason, it has not and I don't know how to get it to post. It shows up in my emails.

I was raised to be tolerant of all political views. I have many relatives who are Republicans. I dated a very far right Tea Party member for about a year. I accepted his views, without argument. I cared for him very much and he is a good man. I think my tolerance and non comment however bothered him and the relationship ended unfortunately. If we can't be tolerant of other viewpoints then we are no better then the others. Right?

Droelma said...

Just like you I was also raised to be accepting of all political and religious viewpoints, unless they were criminal.
I was educated according to Social Democratic thought.
Since WWII the platform of the German SPD party espouses the goal of social democracy, which is seen as a vision of a societal arrangement in which freedom and social justice with same rights and responsibilities for all are paramount.
I have been a party member since I was allowed to join and have through my own life experiences turned more fiscally conservative on one side and more liberal on the other.
In Germany as well as other parts of Europe we tend to vote for the party we are members or ( or through family experience/history) life long sympathizers of and would not vote for any one else, just because we agree with their idea.
I find the US political system, especially that a country so big has basically only two parties, fascinating and also fascinatingly difficult.
I love a good and respectful political discussion and would be interested what your poster understands with being a " liberal Democrat ". He makes it sound as if it was a contagious
I congratulate you on your acceptance of people with different viewpoints be they political or religious, it shines through all of your blog. I think the practice of acceptance helps us to lead a more mindful life, but also have to say that in practice it is not always easy.

Droelma said...

PS: I actually meant to say that the practice of acceptance allows us to lead a more meaningful life, but mindful, while an unconscious choice is also good.

Rick said...

Love you Babs!
We all must speak up against such blatant ignorance and hatred.

Babs said...

Thanks Droelma, again, for taking time to give us more enlightenment. I treasure all the comments and thoughts of all that read the blog......

Rick, love ya back.........I agree that if we don't speak up, it is a sign of condoning ignorance and hatred.

Shannon said...

Donald Trump is an imbecile. It astounds me that he can so readily find a platform from which to spew his venom.

I have had reason to question immigration laws in Canada over the years. My main complaint is that they do little research. Refugees, of course are one thing, but so many of them turn out to be gang members and just start up again in Canada where they left off in Vietnam, or India or any number of other countries.

However the one thing that Canada does that makes sense to me is that they let all North Americans come to Canada with just a passport. Including Mexicans. This makes sense. We have NATO, we are all North Americans.

Droelma said...

I am sitting here with my early afternoon cup of coffee and am sad and upset.
I just saw the " Ramos " incident and while I do not want to focus on Trump I feel I need to point out what is happening with his sympathisers. They are starting to feel as if they are already in power. Ramos ( respected journalist from Univision ) was lead out of the venue by a Trump security guard and outside was told by a Trump guy " get out of my country ". Ramos answered: " I am an American citizen also " and the man answered " whatever ".

It is the " whatever " that makes me upset and sad. I can't help but think of the many people ( gays, artists, members of non-mainstream religions, the handicapped and of course many jews) who tried in the late 30's to explain they were part of my home country just like Ramos is part of the US. During those times also many officials and plain citizens said and thought " whatever ". They also did not want to listen or explain, their feelings of superiority fueled by disdain and later on a lot of hate.
I feel I ought to apologize before hand for making such a connection, because I know it's not typical for the average US citizen, but also can't avoid my thought connection. America and it's people deserves better than being roped into a potentially dangerous hate campaign by a man who does not even stand by what he says.
Immediately after the incident he disclaimed it, because he " did not know, because he had not removed Ramos, but the security detail ".
Is Trump also going to tell Putin or Angela Merkel to shut up or have them removed from the room if they don't follow his orders ?
I wish there was a way to do something ( maybe writing to a prominent newspaper or messaging to CNN) that we as international citizens reject a person like Trump as the US President. Maybe under the hash tag : No to Trump, America deserves better...

@ Sharon, I agree with you. As members of NAFTA we are bound together in more than just economical ventures and we have a vested interest in the disappearance of this brute from the political landscape.

Babs said...

Shannon, having Canadian TV, I'm always pleasantly surprised and relieved that Canada seeks Mexican immigrants. I'm sure they can work in the many industries in Canada and other venues.

We ARE all North Americans and again, I say, opening all the borders is the answer.....

Trump is beyond disgusting. He might have money but he certainly has no class or manners. I think he will self destruct because he can't stand not getting his way.

Droelma, I was horrified at how rude Trump was to Ramos. Ashamed would be an understatement. I have to confess that I did not know who he was until I read a very interesting article on his influence in the Latino community! Boy, Trump bumped up against the wrong tree............
The fact is that if the Republicans don't get 40% of the Latin vote, they are doomed. A comment from the head of the party, not me. Good luck.......I doubt they could get 1% at this time.
I appreciate your concrn having come from Germany. Let's hope this scenario ends soon.

Cat in KC MO said...

I come back and read this blog everyday Babs. And I just have to agree totally with what Shannon said, “Donald Trump is an imbecile!”

Droelma, Trump’s asinine incident with Ramos makes my blood boil! The U.S. definitely deserves and NEEDS someone better than this awful man.

Babs, maybe we should start a campaign to open the borders.

Anonymous said...

Folks, (Droelma especially), look up the immigration statistics. The State Dept can fairly easily calculate visa overstays, as they track entries and exits. So a computer can spit out that number fairly easily. In contrast, by its very nature, it's hard to tell how many have crossed the border illegally in the first place. Right? If the government knew about them, then they'd presumably stop them. So the estimate of illegals must thus be orders of magnitude less precise than that of visa overstayers.

See this article:

Second, check out this google search:

The 40% number (of illegals who overstayed visas) has been widely reported in respectable media such as the Wall Street Journal. Now that by itself doesn't mean that it's 100% correct, but the number has been fact-checked by those organizations which means it has at least some substantiation.

As for one's "feeling" about what might be happening, I can only say that statistics trump feelings any day.

Part of the BIG problem with this immigration "debate" is that it is so often devoid of actual facts. Aside from the mere fact that illegals are breaking immigration laws, I never hear of any actual harm or wrongs that come from them. Nor do I hear anything about hurt to the economy, aside from the old bromide of "they're taking our jobs." I'd note that that last statement could also be equally accurately applied to children who grow up and "take our jobs." Certainly there are plenty of over-50's who have lost their jobs to younger workers, but no one is suggesting we stop childbirth.

So let's all try to back up views with actual facts. I think that will elevate the quality of this debate.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we think this point needs to be applied to all discussions about public policy. Mek them fact-based.

Babs said...

Well, Kim, this blog wasn't about illegal immigration so much as it is about Trump playing to the most disgusting traits of some people. Now that he has David Duke's endorsement, remember him, watch it get worse.

I think this blog is done and we'll all move on to more pleasant things.

And, stats are great, but I'm sure and I know they can be skewed by whoever is
presenting them, if they have an ulterior motive........


Babs said...

Cat, if I were thirty years younger, I might be interested. But, I"m in the NO drama, NO confrontations and NO stress in my life stage. I leave it to others.....

Droelma said...

Just one small non-political comment. I think I made a mistake when I wrote my post about the 40% immigrants. I thought it referred to Mexicans/Latin Americans only.
I checked around and those numbers are indeed published. But from what I understand they refer to all immigrants and not just to Mexicans /Latin Americans, because unless one is from there, one has to come in by plane or boat and that is most likely only done the legal way by visa or prior arrangement ( convenio ) between the US and other countries.
So yes, al those coming from Asia, Africa, Europe and other far away places have legally a different status and those are the ones the 40% refers to. At least that's how I understand it now.

Post over....:o).