Monday, June 01, 2015

Kids Will be Kids! - Tamasopa, Part II

 Take clear, blue water, add a rocky bottom, a few parents to oversee the experience and what do you have?   Kids being kids!  Above in this photo is John with Sebastian on his shoulders.
 What fun to have an adventure with your school mates and friends!  Matilda is surrounded by her friends with a tiny waterfall in the background.
 And, for sheer joy and happiness, Mati is IN the waterfall.  LOVE this photo, don't you?
 Add all the kids being silly with Sebastian in the middle being his ferocious self.......and you have FUN!
To me, the "best of the best" is the two of them, my precious grandchildren, having the time of their life at this wondrously beautiful place called Tamasopa.  Can't wait to go there myself.


Shannon said...

This spot looks so lovely. Just made for kids and good times!

Babs said...

Absolutely Shannon, BIG kids and LITTLE kids! ha.......