Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cloudy, Foggy and Cold in San Miguel de Allende

This morning's weather was definitely not a typical morning here in San Miguel.  However, it is welcomed as a nice change.  This kind of weather gives one an excuse to not leave the house, not do anything of consequence and just veg.

Although, I haven't been vegging this morning.  I've had the landlord here to measure again for the handrails going on the stairs leading to the roof terrace - FINALLY.  Then the laundry arrived.  In the midst of that, I put all the ingredients for a big pot of stew in the crockpot where it is now simmering.  If you show up here about 5PM, you can have stew, cornbread and a slice of cherry pie for dessert!

Little projects to do.  Having twenty people here on the 12th for comida.  It's amazing how many things one has procrastinated about that get done when company is coming.  The list is long and I have been checking things off.  It feels good.  Stuff that no one will notice, except for me.

The other reason I love this weather is it gives me time to fantasize about how wonderful my month at the beach in January will be.  Views like this await.
                                                    The beach at Barra de Navidad.
                       The beach at Cuastacoamate.  Not particularly attractive, but in close proximity.              
    La Manzanilla.  About a thirty minute drive on twisty Hwy 200 heading due north.  On the beautiful bay of  Tenacatita.  A favorite bay of mine.
                                                       Lots of sunsets to enjoy!

     Watching fishermen and sailors from a chaise lounge while enjoying fresh seafood and a drink or two.

Ahh yes.  That's what I'm thinking about today.Funny, I just turned around to look out the window.  Sunny, azure blue skies beckon.  Hopefully that will raise the temps from 44 to 70.  Quickly!  I can still think about being at the beach and being WARM..........Woo hoo.

Anyone want to join me?  I've rented a two bedroom bungalow right on the beach!  Can hear AND feel the waves crashing.  Oh my.  Can I wait four weeks?


sparks_mex said...

Yer a snowbird from not so far north

Babs said...

I'm due East, but at 6400 ft. elevation! Brrrr.......although it will get in mid 70's today.

CU soon!

Unknown said...

So glad about the handrail!

Marigold said...

Hi Babs. Your blog is like an oasis for me. I only recently discovered it. I will be moving to SMA in April 2015 and have been a wreck about all the details that need attending. Thank you for taking all the time and energy to provide so much valuable information. I am fortunate to work for an immigration law firm, so I'm provided that kind of support, but I am flummoxed about banking, whether to ship some of my belongings, should I bring my car, etc. I am searching your blog with a "fine tooth comb" for answers. (Also, I have "Falling in Love with SMA" and am familiar with some of the other sources of information you have mentioned. Two questions: can you recommend a facilitator to help me get my driver's license and make sure my car is legal; also, is there a specific Mexican bank you recommend? (I will be entering on a temporary tourist visa, but will be applying immediately for 4-yr temporary resident visa.) Thanks for any additional information you can supply. Sooo grateful. Maureen

Babs said...

Thanks Janet, ME too!

Babs said...

Several things Maureen:(1) You cannot get your 4 yr temporal visa in Mexico. You must get that at a Mexican consulate somewhere in the USA. I suggest you call them and ask what they are going to require from you.
(2) If you're driving to Mx with your car, you can order your TIP online. I still think you must stop at the border to verify it and also must stop at the border to have your passport and documents stamped. YOUR US drivers license is legal to drive with in Mexico. You need to get MX. car insurance b-4 you enter Mx. I can refer you to someone local who has been extremely helpful to me over the years. It can be done while you are still in the USA. Let me know if you want that info.
You can no longer deposit checks in Intercam and other banks unless you own property. I suggest you keep your US bank acct and be sure you have credit cards and a bank ATM card to access money from your US bank acct. As long as you are on a temporal visa, your car is legal.
BE SURE to get the Temporary Import Permit, either online or at Immigration when you cross the border. DO NOT drive to SMA without that as you will have to drive back to the border. Yup!
You are most welcome to email me additional questions if you have some at
Buen suerte.

Babs said...

If you have things you want to bring down, try to bring that in your car. Have you ever been to SMA? Have you ever visited Mexico?
So many people come and then its not a fit as they have not done the above. Shipping your belongings is extremely expensive...extremely.
Hope this is helpful......

Marigold said...

Great info, Babs. I will email you directly. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara. I too have been following your blog for awhile and your experiences were so helpful to me on my trips to SMA. I see that you are going to be in the Barra area in January. We have had an apartment in Barra for almost ten years and will be there in January; I would love to welcome you to the Costa Alegre and hopefully offer some resource information if you need. Perhaps we might have a lunch or dinner....and invite Steve Cotton as well! I will email you with contact info. Regards, Mimi

Babs said...

Sounds great Mimi.....the area has changed a lot since I started going there in the late 70's! Last year was the first time I didn't get to go and I DID sulk for the whole year.....ha.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking of moving to Mexico should definitely read very closely. He has documented a TON of useful things.

As for Mexican car insurance, you can get it from AAA over the phone. Based on my personal experience, it's the cheapest you can get, and you know it's through a reliable company.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we were just wondering amidst cold, rainy skies why we weren't already in Mexico.

Babs said...

Kim, sorry I have to disagree with you about the car insurance. Having been in an accident where a mother and child ran in front of my car, which thankfully was only going about 4MPH, but caused those two people to fall to the ground, having a local agent and a local atty to meet you at the police station is ABSOLUTELY important.
I've heard too many stories of people who bought ins over the internet or phone and then had no rep in Mx when needed, much to their dismay and results........
My car insurance for the year is less then $300USD.....pretty darn cheap. You SHOULD be down here, now, weatherwise, more then ever!

Anonymous said...

Went to Barra de Navidad on our month-long honeymoon driving tour of Mexico 39 years ago.... It was a pretty sleepy cove back then.

Babs said...

Postcard.......Barra hasn't changed much. A couple of years due to a storm that undermined the beach areas, the seawall collapsed. Last time I was there there wasn't much beach. I've heard they have reclaimed some of it. I'll let you is still a sleep little village........

Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara,

The policy sold to me by AAA was underwritten by GNP, a big Mexican insurance company. Cost for a year's liability-only coverage? $167 USD. If I needed it, I'd have a local rep and all the other benefits of Mexican insurance, because that's what it is.

U.S. carriers aren't licensed to do business in Mexico, so AAA is merely the agent for the Mexican company.

Still disagree?



Babs said...

ope Kim, mine is with AIG Mexico but the local rep is a Zavala.....

My $300 is for full coverage.

sounds like you got a good deal depending on how many months that was......

It's $45 for liability only per month for US coverage when I drive to Texas, then the 2nd and 34d month are less! I'm surprised at how low it is!

Of course, we ALL always hope we never need it!