Saturday, November 01, 2014

Video of Day of the Dead 2013 by Todd McIntosh, a fellow blogger and friend.

Enjoy this time of a spiritual Thanksgiving provided by the peoples of Mexico.      Well, I tried to drag the video to the blog site, but, of course, I couldn't
make it work.  So, go to the above and enjoy.  You'll be glad you did!

Todd's photography is receiving a lot of attention and praise from the community.

The first photo and the last few are of the crypt in the Parroquia which is seldom opened to the public.

Dia de los Muertos.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful video! And while I was on Vimeo (for the first time I've been on that site) I saw Todd's Homes of San Miguel that knocked my socks off! Wow!
The link on your post didn't work, I just went to and did a search for Todd McIntosh San Miguel. Here is the link I got to

Babs said...

Yes, Angelinem, that is what I posted in the blog, but I couldn't get it to upload when I tried....and tried....and tried.....

Glad you found it!