Thursday, October 30, 2014

If you leave the house, you're going to see it..........Preparations for Dia de Los Muertos

I opened the gates this morning to "jump the trench" in hopes of getting to my car on the rock strewn, death defying road.  What did my wondering eyes see?  This beautiful sight.  Made from colored sawdust, seeds and tissue paper.

Of course, I immediately photographed.  Thankfully my camera was in my pocket!  This is the primary school about twelve feet from my gate! I forgot about the rock strewn road or the trench.

The papel picado is still blowing in the breeze.  I went up to the roof terrace to see.  Lovely.

I was on a mission into town to meet up with a long time blog reader and his partner along with his mother and her friend visiting from California.  We had an absolutely delightful time sharing stories and making some plans for future visits.

It's always so interesting when I meet a  reader.  They know ALL about me and I no little about them.  I want to talk about them but they want to know more about San Miguel.  Anyway, I persisted.   Truly delightful.  Time flew by.

As I departed to head back up the hill, I passed Rosewood Hotel.  First I saw the orange color from the distance and pulled over, jumped out of the car and took these two photos.  The fragrance of the flowers brought back memories of the times in Patzcuaro at the Day of the Dead market and at the cemeteries.  Something I'll never forget.

I saw many more preparations as I attempted to avoid the mass of visitors and traffic.  However, no chance to pull over to take more photos.

Tomorrow.................MORE!  I'll walk down the hill.  Then I can stop and photograph to my heart's content.  In the meantime, you can click on these photos to see them enlarged.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I just put up my Hallowe'en decorations, and am listening to a creepy, "haunted house" CD as I write this. Tomorrow I'll put a set of speakers out on the front porch, along with flaming torches, jack-o-lanterns, and spider webs to great the hordes of children who seem to think this neighborhood is ideal for trick-or-treating. Which it may well be.


Kim G
Boston, Ma
Where I can only hope that a real ghost shows up in at least one of these 100+ year-old houses.

Babs said...

Nope Kim, no Halloween here. Never even once, in 14 years, has a kid knocked at my door. The Mexican parents don't mind the kids dressing like calacas for DOD, but they don't want the incursion of Halloween.......
I'm going to go to jardin tomorrow to see what's shakin'.....will let you know!

Retired Teacher said...

Wow! Looks like San Miguel really does Day of the Dead in a big way!
No Halloween celebrating here for me... we are busy getting ready for tomorrow's departure for Mexico City!

Babs said...

Bill, safe travels. See you next week.

Shannon said...

I love this time of year! Purple and gold flowers every where, decorated altars and murals made out of flowers on the streets. Even after all this time here in Mexico it still amazes me.

Babs said...

Me too Shannon! Me too. Hence I leap out of cars to take photos.