Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Legacy of a Mother

Driving for hours on end always affords me time to think, uninterrupted. As I was driving back to San Miguel a couple of weeks ago, the memories of the previous six weeks were floating through my mind's eye. Spending time with the family was a highlight. As was spending time with special friends. Of course, there is NEVER enough time to see everyone. I always feel bad when I have to tell people that I'm heading back and can't get together this trip. One of the things I was thinking about on the drive back is the fact that I've been a mother for 52 years now! Holy moly..... Then a Grammy for 23 years to seven "wonders of the world". It was super duper that I was able to spend so much time with the five grand kids in Texas. One of the purposes of the trip was to be there for Jessica's 23rd birthday and Christopher's 16th. It happened. What you don't know when you plan these trips are the little things that will happen that make you smile each time you think of them. The "little moments" of life!
The little moment, in these three photos, was the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that Hannah wanted to participate in. I tried telling her it was going to be cold. Her sisters, Jessica and Emma relished the idea of participating. So, out by the pool we went. As they threw the ice cubes and cold water on Hannah, they all got drenched. They were amazed at how cold it was. I just stood there smiling. Ahhh, innocent youth. Hannah was proud of herself and thrilled. The other moment that I treasure was when they decided to make signs to welcome their Mom home from the hospital. It was all their idea and, of course, she was touched when she walked in the door. Those are the things that warm my heart. Onward it all went. Interspersed with sitting around talking, watching TV and then leaving Kingwood, for the moment. To Galveston and then Houston and then to College Station, Tx. where Texas A&M is located. But, more importantly where my eldest grandchild lives while going to school. We seldom have "alone time". The kind where you just have time to hang out and talk. In fact, I don't think it has happened since she spent two weeks with me in San Miguel when she was 11 years old! Maybe bits and pieces but no long period of time.
It was such great fun to see the new place she lives; to meet her roommate and to just talk til it was time to go to bed. Then I left the next morning knowing that her path is set, and, as I always knew, she has a maturity that is far beyond her years. What a fine young woman. Back to Houston - can you tell that this was one of those "many thousand miles" trips? On to the last grandchild that I had not yet seen. Christopher.
Joining him with my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate his birthday was a great joy. In fact, it had been almost a year since I had seen him. When he walked in the restaurant, I didn't even recognize him. He had gone from a growing boy, literally, to a young man. What a shock! He looks so much like his mother, Jennifer, that I could hardly stop looking at him. Again, he has plans and ambitions which he shared with us. He definitely has his head on straight and loving his high school in Clear Lake City along with the subjects he is taking. I'm SO proud of the fine young man he is becoming.
Back to Kingwood, at the almost end of the trip. Emma is totally into volleyball and was playing a game right before I intended to head home. So I hot footed it back to drive to a high school to see her play. Wow. What fun. Her team won. She loves athletics and with her height and her age, only 14 (they are ALL taller then me) she could go on to get a scholarship if she wants for college. It's really staggering to know that I, with my deceased husband birthed three children who turned into fine, compassionate and kind people who are wonderful parents. Their children, my delightful grandchildren, have those traits as well. What a legacy to have witnessed, loved and experienced for those six weeks in Texas as well as the time in San Miguel.


Babs said...

Ok, the paragraph thing happened again where there are supposed to be paragraphs but for some reason the blogsite is running everything together. Aaargh.....sorry.

Gin said...

I feel your pride and joy as I feel the same about my children and grandchildren. Getting together with them is the highlight of our lives. So glad you had a wonderful time and that your daughter weathered her storm successfully.

Babs said...

Indeed Gin, it is a joy that is hard to explain. I'm relieved that my daughter is doing so well and didn't have to have chemo or radiation.
We are both blessed!

sparks_mex said...

Nice and smart looking kids. I love to watch volleyball girls on TV in International league play on Mex TV.

Retired Teacher said...

What a lovely family you have!

Babs said...

Thanks Sparks. They are very serious about their games in Texas. I was amazed.

Bill, indeed I do have a beautiful family - inside and out!

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to watch our children and our grandchildren grow and "bloom" in to solid people. Lovely photos of them all. Your happiness shines through.