Saturday, August 23, 2014

All the News of the Week!

It's just the way things are going..........mostly good, but with a few hiccups.

The drive up last Monday and Tuesday was seemless.  Well, sorta.  Other then two HUGE deluges in the mountains and a three truck pileup.  Other then that, it was a piece of cake.
I was at the border in 8 1/2 hours cause there was NO traffic on the roads on Monday.

Tuesday was a different story.  Especially between San Antonio and Houston.  Every truck for miles around was on that put it mildly.  I persevered and arrived about 2PM.
Whew.  Glad that is over for a while.

Julie was whisked off to MD Anderson at 5AM on Wednesday morning and was through with surgery by 11AM with perfect results according to the surgeon.  By later that afternoon Jewels was texting questions about what was going on and what we were doing!  She's amazing.
Home she came, reluctantly, on Thursday.  She said she liked the room service at the hospital.
You cannot keep this girl down for long.

She has been firmly ensconced upstairs with all kinds of bedside service from kids, hubby and yours truly.........She is even talking and carefully eating regular food! I'm thrilled and amazed.

We'll be off to meet with the doctors on Thursday to find out what is the plan for the rest of the cure.

I've so loved hanging out with the four grandkids.  Sheesh, they're not little anymore and have been so sweet and kind to me.  I'm loving every second of it. Last evening all three girls left for various destinations.  The house was so quiet that I hated it!  Jess has returned to college, and Hannah and Emma had sleepovers. 

Friends and family have been bringing food each evening.  I have only cooked ONE meal, breakfast the other day.  It has been nice as it gives me time to spend with the kids and Julie and Rich!


My dear tenant Rick emailed me yesterday to say that he and Gilberto along with Griffen the dog are moving.  Griffen is going blind and they are concerned about him on the stairs.  I'm devastated as I had relaxed since they have a lease til November 2015.  I hate to lose them all!


Retired Teacher said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Hope that your daughter is up and about soon, and that the news from the doctors is all good.

Babs said...

Glad to know that it posted. It is acting so strangely. Thanks for your good words..........

Life's a Beach! said...

Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery from surgery, and everything else goes well. That guesthouse is so tempting -- if only I had good knees right now.

Babs said...

Indeed Beck. I have the same issue but just ignore the pain.....I have stairs too...pretty much everything in SMA has stairs!

Shannon said...

So glad your daughter came through with flying colours! Now you can relax for a little while.

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon! I'm busier then a one armed paperhanger with three grandchildren - laundry, dishes, meals, etc.........ha.

This too shall pass!

Unknown said...

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