Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Oh, this is because I had a CANDY DREAM last night"

 I opened the gate yesterday afternoon to welcome Matilda, Sebastian and their dad, my son, John.  It was as though two rockets flew through the door.  After giving them little bags to collect their eggs in, they were off to the various gardens to look for real eggs and a dozen plastic ones.  The top photo shows Sebastian with his first egg.  Notice Matilda is not stopping for anything!  She is finding eggs - lots of them.
 They did stop for a second to see if there was anything in the plastic eggs.  There wasn't because I had so little candy that it was in their Easter baskets.  AND, it was so warm that whatever would have been put in there would either have melted or the cutter ants would have been carrying it off.

Dashing and dancing, they found all twenty-eight eggs in less then a half hour.  During that time, Matilda found their Easter baskets.  Sebastian came running over.  When he saw a giant Easter Bunny made out of marshmallow, he exclaimed, "Oh, this is because I had a candy dream last night".  He was so gleeful and happy that it just made my heart soar.  He then proceeded to tell me the whole dream.  Precious.

When the fun of all that was over, we had lunch.  I always like to listen to the conversations between the two children.  The subject of the Easter Bunny came up. " Was he magic?"  "Yes indeed, answered Matilda.  "Just like Santa Claus".  She said it was easier to be the Easter bunny cause he could jump and run. 

Worn out by this time with all the excitement and also having taken time to ride their bikes in the garden, the idea to climb up on Grammy's bed to watch cartoons sounded great to all!  They always want to get up on my bed for a while - each and every visit.  They love the bunny soft blanket which they pull up on themselves whether it's hot or cold outside.  On this day, Dad joined them as well.  They love to look at all their cousins photos behind the pillow on the shelf and to count how many photos there are of themselves.  Each and every time!
I like to be over on the side watching their faces and their little eyes start to close when they are so sleepy.  We only watch the sweet cartoons on TV on Tree house.  The ones with the blue elephant and the living flowers and things.  Reminiscent of all the millions of times I watched Barney with the other grandchildren,  lo those many years ago.

What wonderful memories children and grandchildren provide to enrich our lives.  The big kiss and hug when they arrive and leave always leaves me with a lump in my throat.......Every time!


Steve Cotton said...

I am pleased that you can enjoy the company of your grandchildren so often.

Babs said...

Thanks Steve. It still amazes me that I am blessed with little ones again. What a blessing and delightful gift they are.....

Unknown said...

I could live alone on a desert island with only fresh water and the memory of a kid telling me "oh, it's becuz I had a candy dream last night."

Shannon said...

Oh what a wonderful day! I love the photo of dad and kids on your bed.

Come summer we will be grandparents for the first time as well. Sadly the baby will be in Australia, but still it will be wonderful.

Babs said...

DanaJ - It was beyond precious. Especially as he got more and more enthused as he continued to tell me the dream. I'll never forget it.

Thanks so much for your comment!

Babs said...

Shannon - You ARE going to have to begin to make plans to go there. No one can prepare you or tell you how wonderful it is going to be! I will say, having my first grandchild at 50, initially, wasn't all that thrilling to me. I didn't think I was old enough, ha. OMG, I was begging to have Jessica, who is now 22 with me as much as possible. I would take her to business meetings in her carrier. I would bring her in, plop her on the conference table and do business! Yup, it's amazing.

Retired Teacher said...

What a delightful and very special day it was for you! I too had a heart warming day. My friend Alejandro's little nephew was absolutely enchanted with the whole idea of an Easter egg hunt. He's such a sweet kid: after finding all the plastic eggs, he then distributed them so that everyone present had one. Then I brought out the singing and dancing Easter bunny that I had bought. I was beginning to think that I should have bought some extra batteries because he kept playing it over and over again. It was such a fun day!

Babs said...

Bill, how sweet! I wish I had a singing, dancing bunny. NEXT year I'll be better prepared.
I do have a cactus that dances and sings Feliz Navidad. The kids STILL sing that when they come over here..........funny.
Children are enchanting, aren't they?