Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Carnavale in San Miguel de Allende..........NOT!

 Luckily, we DO have one holiday that is not celebrated in San Miguel.  It is a home made event with women and families making tissue paper covered eggs with confetti in them for the kids to break on each others heads.  In addition, crepe paper flowers are sold that are brought in on a daily basis from homes around town.
 I love the innocence of it.  No drunks, no floats, no big boozing event.  Just families selling little trinkets for the kids to have fun with each other.
You see, and as many people know, San Miguel has more celebrations then any place that I know of.  Someone told me over 250 events, if not more, and we only have 365 days!

I do have to confess, in all honesty, however, that there was a half block parade that lasted not even ten minutes last evening with a King and Queen on a semi-float.  It stopped in front of Hank's, our local Cajun restaurant and then the fun began.  I'm reporting what I heard from others because I wasn't actually there.

Having been at the "real" Mardi Gras in New Orleans many times, it just doesn't appeal to me to have a half block parade!  Now if they could get the Preservation Hall Jazz Band here, then I would reconsider!  Just kidding.

As I walked down the streets today, I saw a little confetti here and there.  It's a law in San Miguel that everyone is responsible for keeping the property in front of your dwelling or business clean of trash.  Those pesky pieces of confetti are darn hard to sweep up.  Nothing to worry about.  In another day of sweeping by store keepers and homeowners, you'll never see any more confetti.

Some day, I will get to a Carnavale celebration somewhere here in Mexico.  It just hasn't been high on my list.  However, I read that Merida, Mazatlan and many other cities do have quite an event.

Some day, maybe.


Tom said...

Love it. A non rowdy mini Mardi Gras parade. It is definitely worth watching!

Babs said...

Tom, for all the dancing Indians, children dressed as Pancho Villa or butterflies and bumblebees, and the Locos Parade, I find it so interesting that we don't have Carnavale.........thankfully, ha.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

The little eggs are sooo cute!

Well...if you want to see what Mazatlan's Carnavale looks like, take a look at my friend, Contessa's blog--

She and her husband just attended and got lots of interesting photos. I'd kinda like to go one year, but I agree that one time will certainly be enough. No need to hang out with a few hundred thousand drunks any more than that!

Babs said...

Thanks Lynn - I'll check out the blog!
After having attended "the Big Kahuna" in New Orleans, I'm afraid everything else will pale in comparison (which could be a good thing).
I'm still shocked that at 14 I saw people walking totally nude in NOLA while drinking and wearing beads...
Maybe, I don't need to see that ever again - ha......

Babs said...

Wow, Lynne, I just looked at your friend's blog and the photos of the parade! Amazing. Much more money in Mazatlan then here to spend on floats. Ours are VERY home made when we have them and mostly little children dressed up riding on them.
It's usually a flatbed on the back of a pickup truck......