Friday, January 03, 2014

Jardin Bench Space in Jardin in San Miguel de Allende

The pictures taken here were taken on December 18th before the COLD weather arrived in town.

There is a direct correlation between bench occupancy and cold weather.
You would think that there would be less people if it is cold.  However, the opposite is true.

Our houses are stone walls with no insulation.  When I say NO, I'm not kidding. It seems counter-intuitive to go outside to warm up.  That's exactly what we do!

If you look at the webcam and see the jardin benches and the wall in front of the jardin covered with people, there are three reasons that it would be that way.

(1) It's freezing inside our houses and we want sunshine (hopefully) and some warmth.
(2) Some houses are tiny and you HAVE to get out from time to time.
(3) There is going to be an event on the streets.  A desfile (parade), procession or something that the Mexican population knows is going to happen and we gringoes are astonished about.
(4) It's a place to meet people and find someone to go to lunch with.

I laugh when I look at the webcam and see the same people on the benches at about 11:30 each day.  I see them from the warmth of my house, which after many years, I have figured out how to keep warm.
Well, at least a few rooms!

Today is one of those days.  It started out at 43F and is supposed to get up to 66F.  IF the clouds went away, the intensity of the sun would feel wonderful. 

Unfortunately it doesn't look like the clouds are going anywhere.

I will NOT be on the bench today!
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Calypso said...

Our 6-7 months in Puerto Escondido help us forget about the cold. I read about snow storms and can only think of those balls you turn upside down to stir the flakes ;-)

Babs said...

Ha, Calypso. Good idea.......

Steve Cotton said...

Well, our heat is back. You are welcome to share some.

Babs said...

Steve, Ron and Fred are leaving in the morning for Bungalows Mayorca.
I won't be with them, however.

Some other friends are going on the 12th and possibly I'll come, but, I really need to lay low and NOT spend ANY money.

I got through, finally, to John H in Calechosa and he is ok.......

Anonymous said...

It's rather ironic that one can be so cold in Mexico, but you're right on about the lack of insulation. And those concrete and stone houses get mighty chilly in the winter.

It's funny that when I arrived in San Francisco, for the first few days I was much colder than in Boston because people here just don't heat their houses all that much. My house is kept at 73° most of the time, while my friend keeps his at 65°. Brrr!!!


Kim G
San Francisco, CA
Where we are thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that we missed the big snowstorm in Boston last night.

Babs said...

Kim, I'm glad you missed THAT storm, but it seems another is on its way!

IF I can get my house up to 68 inside during the winter, I'm happy. Of course I sure wear more clothes this time of the year.

San Fran takes a getting used to....always has! Even in the summer. But, I so love that city.

Christine said...

I was wondering about the benches under the trees. Aren't there birds up there, ready to do their business?

Babs said...

They cut the center out of the trees. NO birds! Luckily.......