Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One thing after another and another and another.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must let you know that I am fine.  I'm not in San Miguel but all is well.  I've received phone calls, emails and Facebook messages asking if I'm okay after writing the post, "Should I, Shouldn't I" a week ago.

"Should I, Shouldn't I" had many layers to it.  About two months ago,  the eyesight in the only eye I can see out of began to diminish radically.  I was freaked out. I didn't say anything to anyone as I wanted to try to figure out what was happening.  I even thought perhaps I had put the wrong contact lense in my eye.  After assuring myself that that  wasn't the answer, I went to the eye doctor in San Miguel.

The good news was that it was NOT glaucoma, macular degeration, a detached retina or anything else I could think of.  He did say he saw a cataract starting to form and that my vision was now 20/60 and not the 20/20 that I had up until about September!  He said I might just have to live with that.  I'm so glad he said that cause I thought, "What, that can't be possible? I need a second opinion".  So I had that going on.

Then the engine light came on in the car. "Really?  What else?", I thought.  The trusty mechanic Luis thought and thought and said I needed to have it checked out in the US as he couldn't imagine how many parts I might need.  Lordy.

My granddaughter and grandson are turning 16 next week and I certainly didn't want to miss that event.

It's costly to drive up and back - about $500 USD.  There were other things happening as well and I just couldn't decide if I could go or not.

After writing the blog post, I was jostled to decide to drive up for all the above reasons and more.  I'm SO glad that I did! 

I arrived last Friday.  I've been to the eye doctor here who I have gone to for a number of years.  It was apparent to him and his partner that I have a cataract and it needs to be removed.  I can wait several months.  In the meantime, a new contact lens is being made to return my vision to 20/20 and that will eventually return to 20/60 and I'll have the surgery.

I've been to the car dealership where I paid for a diagnosis of the car.  Whew, car parts in the USA are so expensive.  I got a list of the parts.  I talked to the head of the Parts Dept who reassured me that I can drive the car back to San Miguel without mishap or further damage to the car.  Luis can get parts in the "after market" as they say, and fix the car down there for a fraction of the cost.

The birthday celebration happens next week.   I'm ready for that.

In addition, I've complete Christmas shopping for Sebastian and Matilda along with completing other things I needed to attend to.

Of course I packed all the wrong clothes.  As I arrived it was in the 80's and steadily escalated.  However in Houston one can just wait a bit and the weather will flip.  It's now cold and so the clothes I brought are fine.

I'm so relieved that I'm here.  That I've taken action to rectify things that needed to be attended to and that ultimately all will be well.

As I drove up, I came to the conclusion that this is probably my last time to drive up and back alone.
Not that anything happened, but it's just time.   If I can't find a rider, I won't come by car.

It's just too exhausting.  I don't know why.

I haven't been able to write before this as there was a snafu on the computer where I'm staying that prevented me from commenting or even posting a blog post.

Patience prevailed.  Hope you were patient and waited around to see what the                                   heck was going on!

Stay tuned.  More later.  Hopefully with photos!


Emilia said...

Glad everything is okay! How long are you in Houston? I'm heading to South Carolina for Thanksgiving next week...

Christine said...

Well, I was worried. But not horribly. Glad you have things figured out!

Babs said...

Emilia, I'm here probably til the Monday after Thanksgiving. Email me at and we'll work out a time to get together.

Babs said...

Thanks Christine, but TODAY I have a lot figured out. I'm not sure about tomorrow however - just kidding.

calypso said...

Amiga! Glad to read you are resolving these issues. Remember you have friends out here. Many of us are at an age (or nearing one) where these kinds of nagging health issues are on our radar as well as car issues :-0. Keep us posted.

Shannon said...

I've been a little out of touch lately, and so had not read your last post. I am so glad to hear, though that every thing has turned out alright. I can totally understand your not wanting to commute back and forth to Texas by yourself. I'm not sure that I would want to do that.

Babs said...

Thanks Wayne - I'll remember that.

And Shannon, yup it's time to sop being such an adventurous woman, I think and be more sensible....ha

Christine said...

By the way, I know two people who had that eye surgery; and, after the surgery, they didn't have to wear contacts or glasses any more! (Just very dark sunglasses during recovery.)

Gin said...

Ten yrs ago I had to have cataract surgery on both eyes. I lost my vision very suddenly - strange. When the surgeon was doing his thing he asked if I wanted near or far vision lenses. I asked why I couldn't have one of each as that is how my contact lenses were fitted in later life. His response was, we can do that. I've had 10 years not needing glasses period. However just recently I had my vision checked and found my far vision has lost ground, so I was fitted for glasses only for driving. It's been a blessing not to have to wear contacts or glasses. Good luck with your correction issues.

Babs said...

Thanks Christine - I'm not worried about the surgery. Just have to save up the money!

Gin - If only I had vision in both eyes, it would be a much simpler issue. I've always been cognizant of the fact that I only have vision in one eye. Thanks for telling me about your experience.

Nan said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed your post. I had cataract surgery just 3 weeks ago and oh, my goodness! What a change! Colors are brighter, lines are sharper and I need sunglasses more while outdoors. My last checkup is Wednesday and then freedom to take this motorhome to warmer weather!

Babs said...

Thanks Nan for your comment! I've heard nothing but positive things. I'm not sure about the lens implant idea, but we'll see......

Keep on reading - have fun on your travels, wherever!