Friday, November 01, 2013

Dia de los Muertos - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Getting Ready!

Yesterday as I was out and about, I noticed flowers in little tiendas and roadside stands ready to be
bought by those who wanted to make altars in their homes, their businesses or public places.

My goal today was to photograph a little of the sugar market.  As I headed down the hill toward centro, ahead of me were young people carrying cardboard boxes along with apple crates.  I knew they were all heading to the jardin to begin building the altars that by late this afternoon were all complete for the celebrations tonight and all day tomorrow. 

Above is the special bread called pan de muertos used on the altars everywhere.  It was in baskets near the sugar market with women sitting there to sell to you as much as you wanted or needed.

The stalls were full of sugar skulls.  The little colored paper on their forehead is where you write
the name of the deceased person that you are honoring.

These dudes were really colorful, well made and something I have not seen before.
LOVE the sombreros, don't you?

Another new sugar addition this year were these hearts.  Colorful and sweet.

More flowers laying on the ground just waiting for the person to come by who is going to decorate the nearby fountain.  On this holiday and at Easter ALL the fountains in town are decorated.  There are many.

It is a delight to see all of this in the morning and to come back in about six hours and to see the miracle that occurs as the whole town is decorated.  Store windows, courtyards, walkways, fountains, the area around the jardin.  EVERYWHERE!  It is quite a transformation to observe.

Colored reindeer for the departed!

A restaurant courtyard with a decorated fountain.

A store display window.

People stringing marigolds, making altars, and generally scurrying with their tasks.  The fragrance of the marigolds permeated the whole jardin area.  Lovely.

At a restaurant that I went to for lunch, they had turned one whole dining room into an altar for their departed.

And, one of the dishes, a tamale stuffed with pork and covered with huitlacoche (a delicacy - corn fungus) sauce.  Marigold petals are used for garnishing.

Tomorrow I'll photograph and share some of the cemeteries and altars in San Miguel to share with you.

Viva Mexico!
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calypso said...

Great photos amiga! Halloween has always been no particular favorite of mine - then Day of the Dead has become one of my favorites.

Viva Mexico indeed!

Babs said...

Thanks Calypso. My camera is just about on its last leg - I have to finally get another one. I don't think the photos are as clear anymore....but, I try!
Indeed Day of the Dead is a favorite of mine also except we now get so many tourists that it is difficult to get around!