Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Rainbow Gift!

Mid-day yesterday the sky was blue and beautiful.  Then about 3PM clouds rolled in from the East and a frog-straglin' rainstorm insued giving us a little over half an inch of rain! 

As the storm came close to the end, the sun came out............good grief, I knew there was a rainbow somewhere.  Looking out windows to the North, I spotted it.  Ran downstairs to get my camera and then ran up four flights of stairs to the roof to get this photo!

Who says I don't get enough exercise?  Two flights down, four flights up........FAST!
I was rewarded, as it continued to rain, with this photo.

It is always a gift to see a rainbow.  My daughter said many, many years ago when her grandmother died, "Mom, if you ever see a rainbow, it means someone you love on the other side is here".  I've never forgotten that and each time I see one, I think of those people who I love and miss.

After seeing the rainbow, I thought of a dear friend here in San Miguel whose husband died last year.
I immediately called her and told her to rush and look for the rainbow.  She saw it out her kitchen window where she was standing.  Billie is so much better of a photographer then I am.  I so hope she got a photo of it and thought of Ned.

Yes, gifts don't have to be something you buy - they can be a gift from the Universe which to me is much more of a treasure!
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Anonymous said...

Please don't run up all those stairs and into the great beyond. We'll settle for pictures of mere clouds if that's what it takes to have you blogging for many years hence.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we think Mexico gets more than its fair share of rainbows.

Babs said...

I'm in such good shape that I don't even huff and puff anymore!


Christine said...

This is definitely off topic. I was going to send this in a private e-mail, but I couldn't find your e-mail address.
Maybe other of your fans have this same question. We are coming to San Miguel in late February. I have been reading your blog for years and I feel like I know you and I would like to ask you out for a glass of wine to meet you in person. But you don't know me at all and I suppose it could get very tiresome to have every fan who comes to town ask to spend time with you. So, my feelings will not be hurt at all if you say no; but, are you available between February 20 and 25th? Christine

Babs said...

Christine, I just emailed you and look forward to meeting you. Now you do have my email address.
Thanks so much.