Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Shopping Trip in San Miguel de Allende

A month or so ago, a person who reads the blog sent a comment saying he and his wife were going to be in town to find decorative accessories for their home in Patzcuaro.  Could I tell them where to find mirrors?  In non-typical fashion, I said that I would take them to one of the best tin and mirror makers in Mexico.

They flew in from California, called and we met at my house yesterday morning to go to a taller
What a lovely couple!  She originally from Cuernavaca, he from the USA.  I felt like we immediately connected.  Steve Cotton, the infamous Steve of Mexpatriate - In the Key of Steve, went with us.

The above photo made me laugh.  It is tin images of the owner of the shop!  He also is a musician.  I've known him about fifteen years.

We arrived to see his brother at the little shop.  He too previously lived in California and speaks English, which for me, is always helpful.  However this turned into a bilingual exchange as the lady of the pair, of course, speaks Spanish.  I'm so envious of her fluidity of her native tongue.

The couple was astounded at the diversity and beauty of the creations.  From furniture to mirrors to chandeliers.  It is a treasure trove.  We even went upstairs to the private areas to see more.  I spied the painted headboard above on a terrace covered by some boxes.  Oh, if only I had someplace to use a headboard that is so colorful!  I absolutely loved it.

As I turned to leave and go back downstairs, I looked down Calz de La Luz.  I'm always driving on this street but never am still to see it as a whole.  What REALLY caught my eye were the clouds in the East.  The direction of the tropical disturbance.  Menacing would be my description.

Believe it or not, even with clouds that looked like that, we had no rain yesterday!

Isn't that amazing? 

As we descended the stairs and returned to street level, all kinds of negotiations about color, size, dimensions and texture were going on.  It brought back memories.  It was apparent to me that this was going to go on for quite a while.

Steve and I excused ourselves, left the couple in good hands, and scurried back to our paradise on the hill.

What a fun experience for the day - meeting new people, introducing them to a true artisan, and helping all of them to conduct business.

Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider the suggestion to assist people coming to San Miguel for shopping tours since I know so many factories in San Miguel, Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Patzcuaro.

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Steve Cotton said...

You could style yourself as The Source. And you would be worth every centavo.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I bought a fabulous mirror from Chilo when I was there in January. He's such a gifted artist! And my last day in San Miguel I was passing through the jardin on my walk back to the house I had rented, and there he was singing. I stopped to listen and take pictures, and it made me cry.

Oh you've made me miss San Miguel so very much....I can't wait until April when I'll return.

Thank you for this. It's a wonderful reminder and affirmation of how connected we all are.


Babs said...

Ah yes Steve, The Source...great idea! And thanks for the vote of confidence.

Barbara, how great that you have discovered Chelo......Some of the things I've designed and had him make were exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. If you could get people to pay to take them shopping around various places that you enjoy going to anyway, I'd say, "Go for it, Girl!"

And as I just wrote on Steve's blog, you have a fabulous eye which is certainly worth its weight in crisp peso notes.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are starting to look forward to fall colors.

Babs said...

Well Kim, its a trained eye and anyone can do it if they set their mind to it, I think.
Forty years in Mexico will do that for you plus all the sources that took 20 years to find! Worth their weight in gold? You bet!
Thanks for your support....

Ron Stephens said...
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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous job that would be, to take people shopping. Go for it!!

Shannon said...

You could not be more suited to the position of shopping coordinator! Maybe you should share some of your experience.

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon. I'm thinking about it.........