Monday, August 12, 2013

"The Restaurant is Closed"

Friday I had a list which encompassed way more then the normal three things for the day.
Then, to add to that, I checked the Civil List and saw a posting for a garage sale for Saturday...
The person had a Pottery Barn kitchen with all the stuff to go with it and a Radio Flyer Wagon among other things.

I immediately dashed off an email to the person and said, if possible, I knew I wanted those items.
She emailed me back and said I could come at 3:30PM. I added that to the list of stuff to get done.

I was there at 3:15PM.  Met such a nice woman and two of her daughters.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw both the kitchen and the wagon.  JUST what I was looking for - at an incredible price.

The deal was done.  Loaded all the stuff in the car and headed for home.

On Saturday morning, the Pathfinder rolled up to John's house and everyone - John, Matilda and
Sebastian were standing on the sidewalk waiting for me.  I can't tell you who was more excited.
The dad or the kids!

We got it all upstairs into the apartment and joy reigned.  There were four large plastic bags of pretend food both plastic and in boxes like pasta etc.  Dishes, pots and pans were in the bag too.  Everything to play cooking.

Matilda walked back and forth with plates up and down her arms like a waitress with the likes of eggs, broccoli, strawberries and whatever else she could pretend cook.

Sebastian was in the midst of it all.  But he also had gotten a bag with all kinds of rubber bugs - like centipedes, dinosaurs, cockroaches, scorpions, frogs.  Well you get the idea.  He was in hog heaven.
At one point they made bug soup.

Back and forth they went.  Cooking this and that.  Bringing it to us to eat and taste.  It went on for a very long time.  They sometimes used the shopping cart that came with the kitchen to haul stuff around.

At times they stopped playing kitchen and Dad pulled them around his kitchen in the Radio Flyer wagon with a canopy. Oh my such great smiles.

At one point, while cooking, I walked into the room and Matilda looked up at me and in a very serious voice said, "Grammy, the restaurant is closed".  I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Those are the moments you never forget!
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Cheryl said...

That is precious! They will have hours and hours of fun with all those things. Christmas in August!

jennifer rose said...

I saw John strolling down Stirling Dickinson with the kids a Saturday ago and hailed him down. They're a hard-to-miss bunch.

Babs said...

Jennifer, John told me he saw you. It IS pretty hard to not see two blonde headed kids walking in San Miguel.
Let me know when you're heading back and heading to Longhorn. I'll meet you ANYTIME....

Babs said...

Yup Cheryl - I think Mati will be the youngest waitress in SMA some day. I wish you could have seen her with two plates on her arms walking through the house. It was beyond cute.

Shannon said...

Now that is truly serendipity! What a great story Barbara!