Monday, August 05, 2013

Something to Share

I've been involved with loving the things made by Patrice Wynn's company San Miguel Designs for at least seven or eight years.

When I was still bringing tours to San Miguel, each participant would get a big Goody Bag full of things to take home.  Vanilla from Papantla, fun, funky sunglasses, books on San Miguel, among other things.  The favorite thing was the Virgen of Guadalupe bib aprons.  Everyone loved them.

At that point Patrice was wholesaling out of her home.  She used local women as seamstresses to make the aprons.  She still does.

Three years ago that all changed when she opened Abrazos at Zacateros 24 in Centro Historico.

Good things come in small packages.  A tiny store that is a treasure trove of fabrics made into so many things that you want and need.

Women's blouses.  Mens shirts. Aprons.  Pot holders.  Computer covers. Mens ties. The list goes on and on.

While in the store recently with a friend, we spotted the Chefs Jackets.  Oh my, I was delighted at the design and the fabrics.

Having known many a quirky chef when I was involved in the food service industry, I knew they would be a hit.  Especially with those fabrics.

My friend purchased a shirt for himself with all kinds of iconography of Mexico AND a chefs jacket for his son who is involved in the food truck business.

I picked up the jacket today as seen in the photograph above.  It's fabulous and fun and colorful.

I'm not surprised at the success of Abrazos.  Patrice is an extremely competent, high energy, dynamic woman who is perfectly capable of setting the world on fire.  This time it will be in fashion.
Previously it was as an independent bookstore owner in Berkley California.

You can read about Patrice, the store, see samples and fabrics and place orders, I believe at

If you're an aficionado of all things Mexican, here is where you can do your shopping.

Even the US press, as in the NYTimes has written about her.  The article is on the website.

It's so great to see all the creativity flourishing in this tiny village that spreads throughout the world.

Viva Mexico!
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nashvillewoman said...

I love that store and it is a favorite place for gifts for people in the states.

Anonymous said...

Superhéroes de la cocina!!!

I love it.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where our own cocina could use a superhéroe or two.

Babs said...

Nashville woman - I saw so many unique things for Christmas gifts!

Babs said...

Gringosuelto - aren't superheros wonderful?

Steve Cotton said...

It appears you and Richard are plowing the same field today.

Shannon said...

Sounds great! I will check it out. I would love to get one of the chef jackets for our son who is a chef in Australia.

Babs said...

Steve, I didn't know Richard was still writing! I'll check it out.

Babs said...

Shannon - He'll be the ONLY chef in one of those. We could start a trend!