Sunday, August 04, 2013

Secrets in My Heart

One of my greatest wishes in life would be to have ALL seven of my grandchildren together for a celebration!
It's darn near impossible at this point.
Matilda and Sebastian are in San Miguel.  Jessica is at Texas A&M as a Senior this coming year.
Even getting three together is always tricky.
 I did succeed to get my daughter, two of her daughters and my grandson Christopher together while I was in Texas in May and June. Don't you love "the attitude" in the above photos?

It was definitely one of the highlights of my month North of the Border.  We did the same thing the year before and stayed at the La Quinta on the seawall.

For me its just fun to sit back and watch all the interactions.  Christopher at one point lived across the street from my daughter Julie, her husband Rich and his  cousins Jessica, Hannah, Andrew and Emma.
They are really close although now that Christopher doesn't live nearby they don't see each other
very often.

When they do get together it is as if there was no time in between.  In age, they are 13, 14, and 15.
At least the three in this photo are those ages.

Grandkids are spread from 3 years old to 22 years old.

When the oldest, Jessica, was a baby I used to beg to keep her.  Sometimes she was with me for four or five days at a time.  It never wore me out.  Hmmmm, fast forward twenty-two years and I can tell you I sure don't have the energy level to be with a 3 year old for very long anymore.

Sad to say.

I forget that I'm older until I'm worn out after two hours.  Ha!

The memories of all the times w
with each and every one of them are precious. Something to carry in my heart forever.

Yesterday with Matilda and Sebastian was special in little ways that no one else would notice.

Secrets in my heart.
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Shannon said...

You are a lucky woman Barbara,you have a very rich, full life!

Babs said...

Yes, indeed Shannon, I do. I realize it every day!

Unknown said...

The animal cookies story of Christopher's.......that's another favorite post that hooked me. Special don't over react and ruin it moments like that I keep, usually of my nephews and neices.

Babs said...

Dana, lotsa people who knew me when I was handling construction, etc. thought I was a hard ass. If they only knew the real me - I'm the biggest softie in the world.......especially with the little unexpected things.
Yes, Christopher's remembering the animal cookies was indeed so special.